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Harold and Maude (USA: Hal Ashby, 1971)

Harold and Maude (USA: Hal Ashby, 1971: 91 mins)

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Fall 2014 ENG 281: 1971-1975 Films

Archives of individual films 1971-1975:

A Clockwork Orange (UK/USA: Stanley Kubrick, 1971: 136 mins)

The Devils (United Kingdom: Ken Russell, 1971: 111 mins)

The Godfather (USA: Francis Ford Coppola, 1972: 175 mins)

The Godfather, Part Two (USA: Francis Ford Coppola, 1974: 200 mins)

The Harder They Come (Jamaica: Perry Henzell, 1972: 120 mins)

Harold and Maude (USA: Hal Ashby, 1971: 91 mins)

Mean Streets (USA: Martin Scorsese, 1973: 112 mins)

The Night Porter (Italy: Liliana Cavani, 1974: 118 mins)

Sweet Movie (Canada/France/West Germany: Dusan Makavejev, 1974: 98 mins)

W.R.: Mysteries of an Organism (Yugoslavia/West Germany: Dusan Makavejev, 1971: 84 mins)

More Films by Year


The Beguiled (USA: Don Siegel, 1971: 105 mins)

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Beware of a Holy Whore (West Germany/Italy: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1971: 103 mins)

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Big Jake (USA: George Sherman and John Wayne, 1971: 110 mins)

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Dirty Harry (USA: Don Siegel, 1971: 102 mins)

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Duck, You Sucker aka A Fistful of Dynamite (Italy: Sergio Leone, 1971: 138 mins)

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The French Connection (USA: William Friedkin, 1971: 104 mins)

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McCabe & Mrs. Miller (USA: Robert Altman, 1971: 120 mins)

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The Merchant of Four Seasons (West Germany: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1971: 88 mins)

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Murmur of the Heart (France/Italy/West Germany: Louis Malle, 1971: 118 mins)

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The Age of Medici (Italy: Roberto Rossellini, 1972-1973: 255 mins)

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Aguirre: The Wrath of God (West Germany: Werner Herzog, 1972: 93 mins)

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Behind the Green Door (USA: Artie Mitchell and Jim Mitchell, 1972: 72 mins)

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The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (West Germany: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1972: 124 mins)

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Blaise Pascal (Italy: Roberto Rossellini, 1972: 135 mins)

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The Candidate (USA: Michael Ritchie, 1972: 110 mins)

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Deep Throat (USA: Gerard Damiano, 1972: 61 mins)

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The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (France: Luis Buñuel, 1972: 102 mins)

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The Last House on the Left (USA: Wes Craven, 1972: 84 mins)

Last Tango in Paris (France/Italy: Bernardo Bertolucci, 1972: 136 mins)

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Pink Flamingos (USA: John Waters, 1972: 93 mins)

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Solaris (Soviet Union: Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972: 165 mins)

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Sun Seekers (East Germany: Konrad Wolf, 1972: 116 mins) [It was banned by the government for 14 years]

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Super Fly (USA: Gordon Parks Jr., 1972: 93 mins)

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The Valley (Obscured by Clouds) (France: Barbet Schroeder, 1072: 106 mins)

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The Baby (USA: Ted Post, 1973: 84 mins)

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Badlands (USA: Terrence Malick, 1973: 94 mins)

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Breezy (USA: Clint Eastwood, 1973: 102 mins)

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The Devil in Miss Jones (USA: Gerard Damiano, 1973: 67 mins)

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High Plains Drifter (USA: Clint Eastwood, 1973: 105 mins)

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The Holy Mountain (Mexico/USA: Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973: 115 mins)

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Lady Snowblood (Japan: Toshiya Fujita, 1973: 97 mins)

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The Last Detail (USA: Hal Ashby, 1973: 104 mins)

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The Legend of Paul and Paula (East Germany: Heiner Carow, 1973: 105 mins)

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The Long Goodbye (USA: Robert Altman, 1973: 112 mins)

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Papillon (USA/France: Franklin J. Schaffner, 1973: 151 mins)

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Requiem for a Vampire (France: Jean Rollin, 1973: 95 mins)

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The Wicker Man (UK: Robin Hardy, 1973: 88 mins)

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World on a Wire (Germany: Werner Rainer Fassbinder, 1973: 205 mins)

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Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (West Germany: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1974: 93 mins)

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Cartesius (Italy/France: Roberto Rossellini, 1974: 150 mins)

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Chinatown (USA: Roman Polanski, 1974: 130 mins)

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The Conversation (USA: Francis Ford Coppola, 1974: 113 mins)

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The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (West Germany: Werner Hauser, 1974: 110 mins)

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Hearts and Minds (USA: Peter Davis, 1974: 112 mins)

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The Parallax View (USA: Alan J. Pakula, 1974: 102 mins)

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Phantom of the Paradise (USA: Brian De Palma, 1974: 92 mins)

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The Swan Archives (Ongoing online archive for materials related to Phantom of the Paradise)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (USA: Tobe Hooper, 1974: 83 mins)

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A Woman Under the Influence (USA: John Cassavettes, 1974: 155 mins)

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The Yakuza (USA/Japan: Sydney Pollack, 1974: 123 mins)

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Black Moon (France: Louis Malle, 1975: 100 mins)

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Dersu Uzala (Soviet Union/Japan: Akira Kurosawa, 1975: 144 mins)

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Dog Day Afternoon (USA: Sidney Lumet, 1975: 125 mins)

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Escape to Witch Mountain (USA: John Hough, 1975: 97 mins)

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Fox and His Friends (West Germany: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975: 123 mins)

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Jaws (USA: Steven Spielberg, 1975: 124 mins)

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The Mirror (Soviet Union: Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975: 108 mins)

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Moses und Aron (Austria/France/West Germany/Italy: Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, 1975: 107 mins)

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Nashville (USA: Robert Altman, 1975: 159 mins)

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Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australia: Peter Weir, 1975: 115 mins)

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Shivers (Canada: David Cronenberg, 1975: 87 mins)

Three Days of the Condor (USA: Sydney Pollack, 1975: 117 mins)

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FYE 105: Course Resources

"Ferguson Protests 2014: Peace and Conflict Studies Archive Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Purdue OWL: Online Writing Lab (How to cite sources)

Resources for August 21, 2014

Minsker, Evan. "Lauryn Hill Releases "Black Rage (Sketch)", Dedicates It to Ferguson." Pitchfork (August 20, 2014)

Pinkerton, Nick. "Play it Again." Artforum (1/3/2014)

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"Ferguson Protests 2014." Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

"Framing/Discourse: Peace and Conflict Studies archive." Dialogic Cinephilia (August 20, 2014)

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Framing/Discourse: Ongoing Archive

"10 Things They Won't Tell You About Money in Politics." Open Secrets (2014)

"60 Words." Radiolab (April 18, 2014) ["This hour we pull apart one sentence, written in the hours after September 11th, 2001, that has led to the longest war in U.S. history. We examine how just 60 words of legal language have blurred the line between war and peace. In the hours after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, a lawyer sat down in front of a computer and started writing a legal justification for taking action against those responsible. The language that he drafted and that President George W. Bush signed into law - called the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) - has at its heart one single sentence, 60 words long. Over the last decade, those 60 words have become the legal foundation for the "war on terror." In this collaboration with BuzzFeed, reporter Gregory Johnsen tells us the story of how this has come to be one of the most important, confusing, troubling sentences of the past 12 years. We go into the meetings that took place in the chaotic days just after 9/11, speak with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and former Congressman Ron Dellums about the vote on the AUMF. We hear from former White House and State Department lawyers John Bellinger & Harold Koh. We learn how this legal language unleashed Guantanamo, Navy Seal raids and drone strikes. And we speak with journalist Daniel Klaidman, legal expert Benjamin Wittes and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine about how these words came to be interpreted, and what they mean for the future of war and peace."]

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Resources for August 18, 2014

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"Education." Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Merriam-Webster Word-of-the-Day

backstairs \BAK-stairz\

adjective: secret, furtive; also : sordid, scandalous

The article accuses the influential Washington lobbyist of having been involved in a number of backstairs deals to limit regulation of financial institutions.

"During the protracted balloting—it went four rounds before Jackson was declared the winner—backstairs talks began, aimed at stopping Jackson, according to operatives." —Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), May 22, 2013

When Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery, wrote in 1654 about leading someone "down a back-stairs," he wasn’t referring to anything scandalous. He simply meant "down a secondary set of stairs at the back of a house." Just over a decade earlier, however, Boyle’s contemporary, Sir Edward Dering, had used the phrase "going up the back-stairs" in a figurative way to suggest a means of approach that was not entirely honest and upfront. The figurative use likely arose from the simple notion that the stairs at the rear of a building are less visible and thus allow for a certain degree of sneakiness. By 1663, "backstairs" was also being used adjectivally to describe something done furtively, often with an underhanded or sinister connotation.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Education (Ongoing Archive)

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