Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resources for December 31, 2014

Kingsley, Patrick. "Worse than the dictators: Egypt’s leaders bring pillars of freedom crashing down." The Guardian (December 26, 2014)

Zimet, Abby. "NYPD Throw Entirely Inappropriate Tantrum At Funeral After Mayor Suggests They Can't Kill Black Kids With Impunity." The Guardian (December 27, 2014)

Benjamin, Medea. "10 Good Things About the Year 2014." Common Dreams (December 30, 2014)

Bevilacqua, Christina, Paul Lewis and Matthew Pearl. "American Horror Stories." Open Source (October 27, 2014)

Benedict, Steven. "Analysis of Inception." (Posted on Vimeo: 2012)

Beckert, Sven and Craig Steven Wilder. "Capitalism and Chains." Radio Open Source (November 20, 2014) ["A new wave of historians say that the “peculiar institution” of slavery explains more about the present than we’d care to admit: not just how the West got wealthy, but the way that global capitalism evolved in the first place."]

Green-Barber, Lindsay. "3 investigations, 3 new laws: See how The Center for Investigative Reporting’s stories gain macro impact." The Center for Investigative Reporting (October 2, 2014)

"Woman in the Dunes' Golden Anniversary." Current (February 13, 2014)

Lee, Kevin B. "Ask Siri: Why Her Deserves Oscar’s Best Picture." Keyframe (February 19, 2014)

Berger, John. Ways of Seeing NY: Penguin, 1990.

Lee, Kevin B. "What Makes a Video Essay Great?" Press Play (December 29, 2014)

"Listener Questions, What's Ralph Reading." The Ralph Nader Hour (December 28, 2014)

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