Wednesday, January 13, 2021

ENG 282: Spring 2021 Responses, Discussion Boards and Personal Tracks

 Discussion Board Tally:

Ananda Casals 1 (The Host) 

Bryant Carlson 1 (The Host)

Carly Healander 1 (The Host)

Chelsey Morgan-Ritchie 1 (The Host)

Emily Hoover 1 (The Host)

Graham Pickering 1 (The Host)

Hailey Meeker 1 (The Host)

Jamil Ford 1 (The Host)

Jannet Ojeda 1 (The Host)

Kelsey Mink 1 (The Host)

Micaela Missildine 1 (The Host)

Nicholas Hayden 1 (The Host)

Peyton Owens 1 (The Host)

Sarah Patrick 1 (The Host)

Slade Gish 1 (The Host)

Vladmir Gundorin 1 (The Host)

Exemplary Letterboxd Responses:

Bryant Carlson: American Psycho 

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: "In the Mood for Love: Better to Have Loved and Lost ..."

Letterboxd Responses:

Micaela Missildine

Caden Healander

Nathan Foster

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie 1 (In the Mood for Love)

Graham Pickering 1 (American Beauty)


Bryant Carlson 1 (American Psycho)

Jannet Ojeda

Kelsey Mink

Sarah Patrick

Emily Hoover

David Pritchett XX

Hailey Meeker

Ananda Casals

Jamil Ford

Kylon Bibb

Tucker Lee Miller

Graham Pickering

Slade Gish

Bradley Sebastian

Isabelle Gray

Cameron Young

Vladimir Gundorin

Nicholas Hayden

Peyton Owens

Jayvin Jones

Personal Tracks:

Caden Healander: -Perspectives on WWII/Fantasy that reflects reality/Animation/Color (specifically Wes Anderson)/Soundtracks as a tool in film/LGBTQ+

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Mind-Bending; Deep Emotional Narratives

1-31; 32-62; 

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