Monday, November 24, 2014

Resources for November 25, 2014

Newkirk, Pamela. "The Satiric Lesson of Dear White People." The Conversation (October 21, 2014)

"Sight and Sound Poll 2012: Seven Samurai." Current (September 28, 2012)

Dickinson, Hunter. "Hacktivists Anonymous Shut Down Cleveland Police Site Over Temir Rice Killing (VIDEO)." If Y0ou Only News (November 24, 2014)

"Halloween (USA: John Carpenter, 1978)." Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Benton, Michael Dean. "Monsanto (Multinational Agricultural Biotechnology Corporation)." Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Turan, Kenneth. "The Hours and Times: Kurosawa and the Art of Epic Storytelling." (2006) The Current (October 19, 2010)

Chiao, Peggy. "Kurosawa's Early Influences." The Current (October 19, 2010)

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