Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gone Girl (USA: David Fincher, 2014)

Gone Girl (USA: David Fincher, 2014: 149 mins)

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Hart, David and Christopher Maynard. "Gone Girl and Manipulation." Pop Culture Case Study #178 (October 6, 2016) ["In this episode, Dave talks about manipulation and psychopathy at length, including how it is used in correctional facilities. Then, return guest Christopher Maynard of Following Films shows up to talk about the best romance of 2014. Yes, really. Gone Girl is romantic. Listen, and let us prove it to you!"]

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Kendall, Lily. "Gone Girl: Condemned or Hailed?" F Word (November 11, 2014) ["David Fincher's Gone Girl, adapted from the novel by Gillian Flynn, has been simultaneously condemned as a misogynistic portrayal of women and hailed as the birthplace of a feminist icon. Lily Kendall investigates: does it deserve either of these accolades?"]

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Gone Girl Reel from artemplehollywood on Vimeo.

The Directors Series- David Fincher [2.5] from Raccord on Vimeo.

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