Saturday, May 30, 2015

Resources for May 30, 2015

Murray, Noel, et al. The Royal Tenenbaums forum: Failure, depression, and other varieties of family fun." The Dissolve (March 5, 2014)

Phipps, Keith. "The restless dreams and lonely highways of Two-Lane Blacktop." The Dissolve (May 26, 2015)

Chan, Scrystal. "How to write a film on a piano: Norman McLaren’s visual music." Sight and Sound (September 16, 2014)

Graeber, David. "What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun?" The Baffler #24 (2014)

Sage, Tyler. "Wolfen: They Might Be Gods." Jump Cut #56 (2014)

Graeber, David. "Dickheads: The Paradox of Neckties." The Baffler #27 (2015)

Scott, Suzanne. "Starship Troopers: The Massacre Is the Message." Reverse Shot (June 22, 2003)

Romney, Jonathan. "The stars of Girlhood: ‘Our poster is all over Paris, with four black faces on it…’" The Guardian (March 4, 2014)

"John Waters." Close Up #5 (November 2014) ["On the occasion of our comprehensive John Waters retrospective in September, Eugene Hernandez sat down with the director at his New York apartment to talk about his career and influences. For this episode, we're happy to present that conversation as well as one between film critic J. Hoberman and the director after a screening of his 1974 film, 'Female Trouble.'"]

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