Friday, January 27, 2017

Resources for January 27, 2017

Anderson, Barry, et al. "The Andrea Arnold Connection (2006 - 2016)." Illusion Travels by Streetcar #131 (January 4, 2017)

Bush, George W., et al. "The Two Georges: A Dramatic Reading of George Orwell's Classic Work 1984 & Pres. George W. Bush." Democracy Now (June 25, 2003) ["On the 100th birthday of author and journalist George Orwell, we spend the hour featuring excerpts from his classic work, "1984," the book that introduced the terms "Big Brother," "thought police," "newspeak" and "doublethink." We broadcast portions of excerpts of 1984 read by Charles Morgan and June Foray and produced by Paul Vangelisti over a quarter of a century ago for Pacifica Radio. We also feature clips from President Bush, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Fox New’s Bill O’Relly, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Sen. Robert Byrd and broadcast footage of Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein in 1983."]

Cayley, David, et al.  "How to Think About Science, Parts 1 - 24." Ideas (January 2, 2012) ["Modern societies have tended to take science for granted as a way of knowing, ordering and controlling the world. Everything was subject to science, but science itself largely escaped scrutiny. This situation has changed dramatically in recent years. Historians, sociologists, philosophers and sometimes scientists themselves have begun to ask fundamental questions about how the institution of science is structured and how it knows what it knows. David Cayley talks to some of the leading lights of this new field of study."]

Clark, Ashley, Violet Lucca and Amy Taubin. "Identity." Film Comment (January 17, 2017) ["Ideology and aesthetics have somehow come to be positioned opposite one another—in film criticism, should one be privileged over the other? This episode of The Film Comment Podcast discusses how race, ethnicity, and other markers of identity factor into film criticism and cinema generally. FC Digital Editor Violet Lucca unpacks the topic with Amy Taubin, Contributing Editor to FC and Artforum, and Ashley Clark, FC contributor and programmer, in a conversation that spans multiple decades of film history—from Taxi Driver to OJ: Made in America to Notting Hill to I Am Not Your Negro, to the canceled Michael Jackson episode of Urban Myths starring Joseph Fiennes."]

Dockrill, Pete. "NASA Just Made All the Scientific Research it Funds Available for Free." Science Alert (August 18, 2016)

"Pulp Fiction." How Is This Movie (January 9, 2017)

Rupe, Shade. "Guy Maddin's Lusty Ghosts: The Forbidden Room is haunted by the spirit of sexploitation from start to finish.'" Keyframe (September 28, 2016)

Thompson, Heather Ann. "Blood in the Water: An Author's Response." AAIHS (January 27, 2017) ["This is the final day of our roundtable on Heather Ann Thompson’s book, Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy. On Sunday, Michael Ezra introduced the roundtable and Kali Nicole Gross discussed how to approach trauma in historical writing. On Monday, Dan Berger described the book’s value within the historiography of the carceral state. On Tuesday, Danielle McGuire related Blood in the Water to a history of resistance. On Wednesday, Robert Chase placed the Attica Prison Uprising within a broader political movement. On Thursday, we featured posts from two historians, LaShawn Harris and Russell Rickford, who reflected on the legacy of the Attica Prison Uprising. In today’s final post, Dr. Thompson responds to the roundtable."]

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