Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dialogic Cinephilia - April 18, 2018

Aquino, Rowena Santos. "Observing the Absurdity: An Interview with Huang Hsin-yao." VCinema (April 18, 2018)

Baldwin, James, et al. "I Was There." The Paris Review Podcast #3 (2018) ["LeVar Burton recreates the Review's Art of Fiction interview with James Baldwin; Morgan Parker reads her poem HOTTENTOT VENUS; Dakota Johnson reads a poem by Dorothea Lasky; and Lorin Stein reads WHY DON'T YOU DANCE, a classic story by Raymond Carver. "]

SUFFERING OF NINKO - International Trailer from Norihiro NIWATSUKINO on Vimeo.

Barpujari, Manoj. "Suffering of Ninko: Clash of Restraint and Libido." Silhouette (February 8, 2017)

Bursztynski, Maurice, Tim Merrill and Bernard Stickwell. "Interview with Matt Schrader, director of Score: A Film Music Documentary." See Hear #45 (October 21, 2017) ["It seems crazy that until 2017, there hasn’t been a major documentary (that we’re aware of) dedicated to the art of film composition and the people who devote their lives to emotionally manipulating you more than what you actually see on-screen via their music. Matt Schrader is the director of a great new documentary called “Score: A Film Music Documentary” that looks into the process of film score composition, how it’s evolved, interviews with a number of its current practitioners, and the psychology behind how viewers perceive the on-screen action when music is playing (sex, chocolate and music all produce the same rush in your brain, apparently)."]

Gawande, Atul. "What Matters in the End?" On Being (October 26, 2017) ["What does a good day look like? This is the question that transformed Atul Gawande's practice of medicine. He's a citizen physician on the frontiers of human agency and meaning in light of what modern medicine makes possible. In his writing in The New Yorker, and in his book Being Mortal, he's opening a new conversation about what dying has to do with living."]

Hanich, Julian. "The journeys of a film phenomenologist: An interview with Vivian Sobchack on being and becoming." NECSUS (Autumn 2017)

Kindinger, Evangelia. "The ghost is just a metaphor: Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, nineteenth-century female gothic, and the slasher." NECSUS (Autumn 2017)

Nasser, Alan. "Could Student Loans Lead to Debt Prison? The Handwriting on the Wall." Counterpunch (April 18, 2018)

Rio, Elena Del. "La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty, 2013): Adventures in transindividuality." NECSUS (Autumn 2017)

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