Sunday, October 16, 2016

Resources for October 16, 2016

Bateman, Oliver. "Being a Bumpkin: Three new books try to untangle the Gordian knot of white-trash identity." The Paris Review (October 10, 2016)

Callaghan, Ann, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. We're All a Little Ecosexual." Outside (October 5, 2016)

Carlin, Dan. "A Bodyguard of Lies." Common Sense #309 (September 9, 2016)  ["Secrecy, hacking, information leaks, whistle-blowers, foreign-operative propaganda pushers, disinformation, election tampering and the search for any truth in cyberspace occupy Dan's thoughts in this show."]

Lanza, Robert. "Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death." Ideas (October 4, 2016) ["Dr. Lanza provides a compelling argument for consciousness as the basis for the universe, rather than consciousness simply being its by-product."]

"Logical Fallacies." Purdue Online Writing Lab (ND)

López, Cristina Álvarez and Adrian Martin. "Roman Polanski: Cinema of Invasion." ACMI (October 13, 2016)

Monbiot, George. "Neoliberalism is Creating Loneliness. That's What's Wrenching Society Apart." The Guardian (October 12, 2016) ["Epidemics of mental illness are crushing the minds and bodies of millions. It’s time to ask where we are heading and why.]

"Prison Strike Having Major Financial Impact on California." Popular Resistance (October 12, 2016)

Romney, Jonathan. "Film of the Week: Certain Women." Film Comment (October 13, 2016)

"Silicon Valley And Police Create COINTELPRO For Tech Age." Popular Resistance (October 15, 2016)

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