Thursday, June 18, 2015

Resources for June 19, 2015

Jaising, Shakti. "Cinema and Neoliberalism: Network Form and the Politics of Connection in Icíar Bollaín’s Even the Rain." Jump Cut #56 (Winter 2014/2015)

"Mad Max: Fury Road / Top 5 Car Scenes." Filmspotting #539 (May 22, 2015)

Grady, Pam. "French Touch: Mia Hansen-Løve and Eden." Keyframe (June 17, 2015)

Liu, Ken. "Silkpunk." Locus (May 10, 2015)

"Slow West / Top 5 Movie Posters." Filmspotting #538 (May 15, 2015)

Posner, Sarah. "Terror in South Carolina." Religion Dispatches (June 18, 2015)

Wideman, John Edgar. "Whose War: The Color of Terror." Harper's (March 2003)

Eichler-Levine, Jodi. "What Should Truly Disturb Us About Game of Thrones's Child Sacrifice." Religion Dispatches (June 11, 2015)

Sabo, Lee Weston. "Notes on a Stupid Dinosaur Movie: Jurassic World and the Hollywood Blockbuster." Bright Lights Film Journal (June 15, 2015)

Taubin, Amy. "Army of Shadows: Out of the Shadows." Criterion (May 14, 2007)

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