Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Resources for September 2, 2015

Dayoub, Tony. "The 51st New York Film Festival #3." The Cinephiliacs (October 13, 2013)

Chazelle, Damian. Whiplash The Close-Up #7 (November 2014)

Fox, Margalit. "Amelia Boynton Robinson, a Pivotal Figure at the Selma March, Dies at 104." The New York Times (August 27, 2015)

A Touch of Sin (China: Jia Zhangke, 2013: 133 mins) Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Cotillard, Marion. "On Her career and Her Roles in Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne's Two Days One Night and James Gray's The Immigrant." The Close-Up #8 (December 2014)

The Work of Stanley Kubrick from Stefano Westerling on Vimeo.

Singer, Olivia. "Lessons We Can Learn from Daisies." AnOther (July 3, 2015)

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