Monday, January 7, 2013

Merriam-Websters' Word-of-the-Day: mise-en-scène

mise-en-scène \meez-ahn-SEN\


1 a : the arrangement of actors and scenery on a stage for a theatrical production

b : stage setting

2 a : the physical setting of an action (as of a narrative or a motion picture) : context

b : environment, milieu

"Rick Owens creates worlds more than fashion. His shows are famous for their otherworldly ambience, from the mise-en-scène (from foam to fire to electrifying light shows) to the soundtrack." — From a post by Matthew Schneier on's Style File blog, November 5, 2012

"Studio pictures tend to have a more controlled and artificial mise-en-scène no matter how elaborate and detailed the setting. The lighting is, after all, unnatural, space is confined, and locations are constructed. The emphasis is more on the interaction of characters and less on the interaction of character and environment." — From Ira Konigsberg's 1987 publication The Complete Film Dictionary

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