Monday, April 8, 2013

The Baader-Meinhoff Complex (Germany: Uli Edel, 2008)

The Baader-Meinhoff Complex (Germany: Uli Edel, 2008: 150 mins)

Baader-Meinhoff Podcast Archives (Ongoing archive of podcast from Richard Huffman who has been researching the history of the group)

Dargis, Manohla. "Beyond Bullets and Berets, Life in Wartime." The New York Times (October 22, 2010)

Hichens, Christopher. "Once Upon a Time in Germany." Vanity Fair (August 2009) ["Movies have often romanticized Communist revolutionaries—think Benicio Del Toro as Che. But a new action thriller, The Baader Meinhof Complex, counterpunches, exposing the violent psychosis that gripped the young militants of the Red Army Faction in 1970s West Germany."]

Hope-Jones, Mark. "Anarchy in the BRD." American Cinematographer (September 2009)

Katsiaficas, George. "Sources of Autonomous Politics in Germany"/"European Autonomous Movements in Europe" (Ch. 3/4) The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life. AK Press, 2009.

The Living Dead (BBC: Adam Curtis, 1995: three 60 minute episodes) ["The Living Dead: Three Films About the Power of the Past is a series of films that investigate the way that history and memory (both national and individual) have been manipulated and distorted by politicians and others for various means of control."]

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