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Chris Hedges: Journalist/War Correspondent (Peace and Conflict Studies Archive)

Biographical Resources and Hedges' Columns:

Wikipedia: Chris Hedges

TruthDig: Chris Hedges' Column

Common Dreams: Chris Hedges' Articles

The Nation: Chris Hedges' Articles

Resources by and about Chris Hedges:

Benton, Michael. "Chris Hedges and the Mythology of War." Dialogic (November 21, 2004)

Dapier, Jarrett. "Atheisms Unholy Trinity." In These Times (May 20, 2008)

Graeber, David. "Concerning the Violent Peace-Police: An Open Letter to Chris Hedges." N + 1 (Reposted on Dialogic February 9, 2012 with an introduction by Michael Dean Benton and additional resources about the controversy)

Hedges, Chris. "America's Democratic Collapse." AlterNet (June 2, 2008)

---. "America the Illiterate." Truthdig (November 10, 2008)

---. "Capitalism's Cult of Human Sacrifice." Truthdig (December 13, 2015)

---. "Calling All Rebels." Common Dreams (March 8, 2010)

---. "The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger." Truthdig (June 7, 2010)

---. "The Collapse of Globalization." Truthdig (March 28, 2011)

---. "Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians." Weekly Signals (July 8, 2008)

---. "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt." Law and Disorder Radio (July 30, 2012)

---. "The Death of the Liberal Class." (Produced by The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy NY, this event was co-sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace: October 17, 2010 -- posted on Youtube)

---. "The Death of Truth." TruthDig (May 5, 2013)

---. "Dems Owe Chicago Public Teachers Support for "Most Important Labor Action in Decades" Democracy Now (September 11, 2012)

---. "Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire." Truthdig (August 31, 2009)

---. "How the Brutalized Become Brutal." Common Dreams (August 25, 2014)

---. "The Left Has Nowhere to Go." Truthdig (January 3, 2011)

---. "A Master Class On Occupation." Truthdig (October 31, 2011)

---. Neoliberalism and Its Effects in the Modern USA." Unwelcome Guests (September 28, 2012)

---. "No Other Way Out." Truthdig (February 28, 2011)

---. "On 9/11, Touring U.S. Economic Disaster Zones in Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt." Democracy Now (September 11, 2012)

---. "On American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America." Democracy Now (February 19, 2007)

---. "On War." The New York Review of Books (December 16, 2004)

---. "Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand." Truthdig (March 2011)

---. "A Prophecy Worth Watching." Truthdig (June 13, 2010)

---. "Ralph Nader Was Right About Obama." Truthdig (March 1, 2010)

---. "Reinterpreting War." On the Media (July 2, 2010)

---. "The Rise of Gonzo Porn Is the Latest Sign of America's Cultural Apocalypse." AlterNet (July 30, 2009)

---. "Rise of the New Black Radicals." Truthdig (April 26, 2015)

---. "Sheldon Wolin and Inverted Totalitarianism." Truthdig (November 1, 2015)

---. "The Truth Alone Will Set You Free." Truthdig (June 29, 2009)

---. "Turning King's Dream Into a Nightmare." Common Dreams (January 18, 2010)

---. "The Unsilenced Voice of a Long Distance Revolutionary." TruthDig (December 9, 2012)

---. "The Victims of Pornography." Truthdig (October 11, 2009)

---. "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning." (University of California TV November 2004: video posted on Youtube)

---. "War is Betrayal: Persistent Myths of Combat." Boston Review (July/August 2012)

---. "War is Sin." Truthdig (June 1, 2009)

---. "We’re Losing the Last Shreds of Legal Rights to Protect Ourselves from Oligarchy." RINF (May 8, 2014)

---. "Why I Support Jill Stein for President." TruthDig (February 21, 2016)

---. "Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System." Common Dreams (April 11, 2011)

Hedges, Chris and Cornel West. "The People vs.Goldman Sachs." Dangerous Minds (November 6, 2011)

Hedges, Chris and Hamza Yusuf. "Does God Love War? (A Dialog on Religion and the State)." Unwelcome Guests #306 (May 14, 2006)

Hedges, Chris and James Wright. "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt." Lannan Podcasts (December 3, 2012)

Hedges, Chris, Jim Powell and Tim Maby. "Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco: drawing America's invisible poor - audio slideshow." The Guardian (July 12, 2012)

Hedges, Chris, Vandana Shiva and Robert Sheer. "On Liberalism, Economy, and Corporate Domination." Uprising Radio (October 22, 2010)

Hedges, Chris, et al. "Best of the Left: Compilations of Reports on the Occupy Movement, Pts. 1-7 (September - November, 2011)." (Posted on Dialogic: November 27, 2011)

Popova, Maria. "Obey: How the Rise of Mass Propaganda Killed Populism." Brain Pickings (February 6, 2013)

Thompson, A.K. "Chris Hedges vs. CrimethInc. on Violence: Will We Get the Debate We Deserve?" Truthout (September 12, 2012)

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