Sunday, December 20, 2015

All That Jazz (USA: Bob Fosse, 1979)

All That Jazz (USA: Bob Fosse, 1979: 123 mins)

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["Bob Fosse’s incredible autobiographical 1979 film, All That Jazz. The film features Roy Scheider in a career best performance (go on – argue against that notion if you can) as Fosse’s proxy, Joe Gideon. Joe is a Broadway director and choreographer, and a film director. He is all consumingly devoted to his art, but is a poor husband, father, and companion. He’s not a great male figure, yet he’s not shown as a shallow character without dimension. We have a fascinating conversation about devotion to art over devotion to domesticity, manipulation, how the entertainment business spits out its own, death, the truth, and the Mile High Club."]

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