Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Raw (France/Belgium: Julia Ducornau, 2016)

Raw (France/Belgium: Julia Ducornau, 2016: 99 mins)

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Doherty, Caitlin. "Enter: Monsters." New Left Review (January 28, 2022) ["In an introduction to Frankenstein, written for a new edition of the work in 1831, Mary Shelley recounted a question she had been asked frequently in the thirteen years since the novel’s publication: how had she, ‘then a young girl, come to think and to dilate upon so very hideous an idea?’ A prying concern permeates the query, as if the monstrosity of the work’s content must indicate perverse conditions of production, some titillating mistreatment inflicted on the nineteen-year-old Shelley that could justify the creation of a new category of monster. For Julia Ducournau, director of the Palme D’Or-winning Titane (2021), the fallacy of the question would be obvious. No backstory is necessary: to be a young girl is monstrous inspiration enough."]

Ducournau, Julia, Garance Marillier and Agnès Varda. "Agnès Varda and Raw." The Close-Up #127 (March 16, 2017) ["In conjunction with this year’s festival, French Insitute Alliance Française celebrated the career of Agnès Varda with screenings and exhibitions paying tribute to her perpetually influential and inventive work across many disciplines. Varda stopped by the Film Society for a special talk in our amphitheater, moderated by critic Melissa Anderson. Julia Ducournau’s shocking Raw has been described as a “coming-of-age cannibalism film.” It was the one of the most buzzed-about films at last year’s Cannes."]

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