Wednesday, August 22, 2018

HUM 121: Peace and Conflict Studies Groups

Group 1:
Gabbi McCarty
Marelyn Ramirez
Sara Ayubu
Diana Egan
Clay Zander

Group 2:
Kaitlynn Thomas
Nathan Reda
Jackson Benningfield
Sydney Schmitt

Group 3:
Emmanuel Dhemby
Hunter Jefferson
Bilal Suleiman

Group 4:
Dana Gregoire
Justin Gardner
Justin Moya
Sean Berritto

Group 5:
Corey Baker
Marlowe Toney
Phillip Hockensmith
Dylan Moberly
Jane Mennen
Group 6:
Vincent Mutabazi
Brittney Davis
John Latimer
Jarrett Dennison
Natalya Kopyonkina

Group 7:
Ethan Cantini
Adam Castleberry
John Kasper
Lindsay Schneider
Raniyan Garner-Hart

Initial statements from students about peace and conflict studies course:

From Lexington (8 students)
I like the idea of peace
I don't really have a political view or I'm not political (10 students)
I'm not religious (5 students)
From Ethiopia
Repeating the course for a better grade
From Bowling Green, KY
I am religious, but don't believe in an organized religion
Liberal (3 students)
Independent - not a member of a political party (9 students)
Taking Peace studies because thought it would be interesting and/or thought-provoking or to open my eyes about the world (13 students)
Want to make a difference in the world someday, just not sure how yet
Took peace studies to learn more about the world - to better myself as well (2 students)
I am driven and drawn to intelligence
Introvert who generally keeps to himself, but is willing to open up when necessary
I come from a very religious background or I'm very religious (3 students)
Right-leaning moderate or conservative (3 students)
Peace studies interests me because the state of our world effects us each individually.
Two party systems are a waste
Ethical treatment of other humans and other forms of life is important.
From Riverside, CA
From Harlan County, KY
Very political and lean left
Advocate for social democracy (like in the Scandinavian countries), libertarian socialism and anarcho-syndicalism
Huge fan of Noam Chomsky and his work
Chicago, IL
Excited because I don't know what to expect
From Liberia, West Africa
Identify as a democrat
Took course because it fulfills an elective or general education requirement (10 students)
I have traveled extensively because of my parent's job
From Milwaukee, WI
Identify as Christian African-American
Does not like or opposed to Trump and his policies (4 students)
Took course because it fit my schedule (3 students)
From Uganda
From Bardstown, KY
Want to learn about conflicts
Want to learn about 3rd world countries
Want to learn about the Middle East
Palestinian parents
Identify as Muslim
How does one exactly study peace
I wish money didn't exist
From Louisville
Took class because another student recommended it (2 students)
From Central Africa
From Orlando, FL
I don't like taking sides
From Congo
Took class because of growing up in a country full of violence/killing
My political view is complicated
From New Albany, IN
I'm absolutely disgusted with this country and where I feel we are headed
Would like to learn about how to maintain peace in my own life, because I'm not interested in changing the world
I'm motivated by money
Outdoor enthusiast
Conspiracy theorist/skeptic
From the very first class it seems interesting
Interested in the progression/growth of technology
Identify as Baptist
People should do whatever makes them happy and not interfere with other's happiness
Took course to develop a more peaceful mind
From Georgia
As a musician I'ld like to better understand what I might write about
I think history repeats itself
I thought this class might be easy
From New York
Mom recommended the course
I like not talking, being alone on the internet and video games and anime
Support fairness as much as possible
Newly interested in feminism
From Nicholasville, KY
I'm a firm believer in justice
Lean toward the left
I'm worried about the future. The current state of the world is terrifying. I want a family someday. I want to learn how to instill positive values in my future children.
Taking class to develop a 'voice' and be able to fight for my community
Identifies as Hispanic, young woman
I'm very unaware of what is going on in the world but I know I want to make a difference.

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