Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dialogic Cinephilia - January 11, 2019

If we think the "crisis at the border" is the lack of a sure-to-be ineffective $5 billion wall and not the fact that we are currently caging and abusing (and losing track of) 14,000+ children (unnecessarily ripped from their parents) in for-profit prisons then I think as a nation, and as individual citizens, we need to ask ourselves, WTF do we care about... -- MB

Arkin, William. "On Homeland Security’s Creeping Fascism and Why the CIA & FBI Won’t Save Us from Trump." Democracy Now (January 9, 2019) [An extremely lucid and cogent critique of "the mainstream media for encouraging perpetual warfare and bolstering the national security state." Ask yourself, how many countries did we bomb the past year? How many countries are we currently fighting in militarily (directly and indirectly)? What is the role and function of the many arms of homeland security?  Should we, as citizens of a democracy, have at least a cursory knowledge (and interest/concern) about these things? Also: "Longtime Reporter Leaves NBC Saying Media Is “Trump Circus” That Encourages Perpetual War."]

"Developing A Media Education Language: From Persuasive Techniques to Analytical Tools." ACME (ND)

Elizabeth S. Anderson: Philosophy/Women's Studies Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Hochschild, Arlie. "Anger and Mourning on the American Right." Conversations with History (October 5, 2017) ["Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Professor Arlie Hochschild for a discussion of her book "Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right." Hochschild discusses formative influences shaping her intellectual journey, describes her pioneering work on the sociology of emotions, and traces the evolution of her methodology. She then explains the decision to pursue her study of the American right in Louisiana beginning in 2011; how she undertook an empathetic engagement with citizens devastated by pollution but committed to the oil and gas industry; and how she developed a deep story to explain the emotions motivating her subjects to support right wing perspectives despite the devastation of the environment which they appreciated and loved. She also discusses their attraction to the Trump phenomena. She concludes with the lessons learned and their implications for mending the divide that is tearing the country apart."]

Kaba, Mariame. "There Are Thousands of Cyntoia Browns: Mariame Kaba on Criminalization of Sexual Violence Survivors." Democracy Now (January 10, 2019) ["Cyntoia Brown was granted full clemency by Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam on Monday after serving 15 years in prison. The decision follows months of intense public pressure and outrage over her case. Brown was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder for shooting her rapist as a teenager. She had been sexually trafficked and repeatedly abused and drugged. The shooting happened when Brown was just 16 years old, but she was tried as an adult. We speak with Mariame Kaba, organizer and educator who has worked on anti-domestic violence programs, anti-incarceration and racial justice programs since the late 1980s. Kaba is the co-founder of Survived and Punished, an organization that supports survivors of violence who have been criminalized for defending themselves. She’s also a board member of Critical Resistance."]

Melville, David. "A Ferocious Modesty: Benoît Jacquot’s The Wings of the Dove." Senses of Cinema #88 (October 2018)

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