Monday, June 27, 2022

Workout Circuits

First thing in the morning:
Sun Salutations
7 Minute Workout

Last Thing at Night:
Yoga For Countering Sitting/Work

and strength training throughout the day:
Lunges 10
Pushups 20
Barbell Squats 20
Standing overhead dumbell press 9
1/4 bent dumbbell rows
Single leg deadlifts  (once you can do ten - start using dumbbells)
Side Planks (supporting arm bent for better support - up/down repetitions)
Planks - circuit
Glute bridge (laying down pelvic thrusts)
Crunches (method B - #11)
Airplane 20
Tree Pose (Arms in an upraised V)
Standing Bow Pose

Long Walk/Hike (hike as much as possible)

Work Routine

Weight Training:


1) Barbell Curls 15
Standing big dumbell 18
Sitting small dumbell 10
Wrist Curl 15
Hand Grips (Times, break, then hold for seconds) 15
Exercise ball walk 11

2) Horse 25
Calf Raises 15
Partial Deep Knee Bends 15
Deep Knee Bends 15
Small Dumbell Lunges 4
Large Dumbell walk 10

3) Tricep Presses 15
Counter Dips 5
Lat lifts 15
Shoulder Press - front 15
Shoulder Press - back 15

4) Push ups 18
Descending Push Ups 14
Elevated Push Ups 16
Four Limbed Staff Pose (Modified Plank) 30
Bear Walk 1
Core Roller

5) Sit up toe touch 18
Side sit ups 18
Side leg lifts 18
Leg Lifts 12
On back, legs toward chest 18
Farmers Carry with Large Dumbells 8


Work Routine:

Tennis Ball on the wall
Back Roller
Arm Stretches, door frame, up & down
Arm stretches on door frames
Sitting, diamond leg, forward stretch 20
Sitting, one leg extended - other brought in foot against crotch, side stretch 20
Rotating shoulder shrugs (arms at side and arms curved outward - slow) and neck stretches 10
Pointer stretch - ground| 20
Dead bug stretch - ground 20
Interlaced hands shoulder stretch - top of head, behind and above. Then interlaced behind lower back.
Opposite arms above and below (stretching upward downward) & gentle swing of arms/torso
(R/L)Calf/tendon and backward knee stretches
Sitting, cross leg, knee lift-stretch
Sitting, forward toward toe stretch
Bodyweight Squats - hands upraised and behind head (30)
Plank - on weight ball (60)
Backward floor bridge plank - straightlegged 16
Backward floor bridge plank - bentlegged 16
bathroom/chair dips 17
counter dips 8
Legs elevated push ups 17
Calve lifts 27
Squats: partial 17
Horse 22
Straight arm plank 100
Forearm plank 100
Side Plank - right/left 12
Push ups 22
Twist stretch in chair or standing
Yoga side warrior pose
Yoga forward warrior pose
Yoga swan stretch - both legs
Yoga baby stretch
Face up cobra stretch & Down Face Dog
Push up stance/plank - alternating knee forward/back 22
Chair pose squat 30 
Leaning Crescent Pose: 30


Standing Frog Pose 30
Squat Pose: 30 
(work from kneeling, to upward belly stretch to) Downward Facing Dog: 20 
Warrior II 30
Triangle Pose 20
Tree Pose 30 (work on v to the sky)
Bridge Pose 30
Seated Forward Folds 25
Yoga Twists
Pilates Zip Up (#5)
Diving Down

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