Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jeremy Carr: Film Studies (Shooting Azimuths)

 Carr, Jeremy. "Notebook Primer: Film Noir." Notebook (Aug 27, 2020) ["Film noir revels in a realm of desperation, despair, and dread, engineering an entertaining and engaging descent into humanity’s dark side."]

---. "Notebook Primer: Ida Lupino." Notebook (July 30, 2020) ["As an actress, writer, producer, and director, Ida Lupino was a revolutionary female filmmaker and a forerunner of independent cinema."]

---. "Notebook Primer: Sergei Eisenstein." Notebook (August 13, 2020) ["A hugely influential filmmaker and theorist, Sergei Eisenstein epitomized the uneasy, if often dynamic, synthesis of art and politics."]

---. "Notebook Primer: Werner Herzog." Notebook (July 2, 2020) ["Becoming something of an existential philosopher in the process, Herzog’s career-long presentation of a mysterious, multifaceted world is an overwhelming collective exhibition. While he is not religious, his films — transcendent meditations on faith, superstition, and sublime experience — have a pronounced spiritual constitution. He finds humanity within pure chaos and mysticism in the ostensibly banal. Perhaps more than anything, however, Herzog is driven by an unceasing search for new visual encounters. As he notes when discussing the enigmatic mirages of Fata Morgana (1971), he remains occupied by a “quest for images that you haven’t really seen yet,” and, he affirms, “I’ve not stopped searching.”]

---. "Notebook Primer: The Western." Notebook (July 16, 2020) ["The Western is a compendium of cultural dichotomies and iconic symbols, locations, and characters, with countless variations."]

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