Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Film Lists for David and July

(A request for film lists during my dental appointment at Monsoon Family Dentistry - they have a great attitude and they provide excellent care/service, highly recommended!)

My recent film courses at BCTC

Fall 2023: Horror (apologies for writing mistakes, most of these were produced under high stress and time constraints :) 

Intro to Film Studies: Horror

Classic Ghost Films

Contemporary Ghost Films

Classic Folk Horror

Contemporary Folk Horror

Classic Zombie Films

Contemporary Zombie Films

Classic Occult Films

Contemporary Occult Films

Classic Mind/Body Films

Contemporary Mind/Body Films

Classic Alien Films

Contemporary Alien Films

Classic Vampire Films

Contemporary Vampire Films (I must have burnt out by this point, so I didn't have a post. The films were 78 - 82 on this list)

Spring 2024:

Science Fiction Films

Fall 2024 (upcoming course):

World Cinema: Directors

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