Friday, January 23, 2015

ENG 282: Spring 2015 Letterboxd Profiles

At the bottom of this list I will start posting some responses that I believe provide unique insights to the films we are watching.

Develop a strong focus/theme for your response and stick to it. Form paragraphs (it helps you communicate clearly). Give your response a title (hint: should reflect your focus/theme)

Recommended Class Responses:

Zachary Johnson: "Hero or Terrorist: Che, Part Two

Zachary Johnson: "Dirty Wars: War's Whore, What's It Good For?"

Zachary Johnson: Citizenfour

Crystal Bradshaw: Selma

Crystal Bradshaw: Heartbeats

Kayla Pigg: Citizenfour

Kayla Pigg: Whip It

Kevin Vanhoose: "False Love: Heartbeats."

Kevin Vanhoose: Dogtooth

Ashley Rule: Appropriate Behavior

Ashley Rule: Dogtooth

Ashley Rule: Superbad

Jenine Tacket: "Moolaade: Women Control Their Bodies, Not You."

Jeremy Hay: "Hunger: Not a Light Romp."

Jeremy Hay: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

John Turner: Hunger

John Turner: Mooalaade

April Curtis: Hunger

Caitlin Terrell: Zodiac

Dustin Wallace: Pan's Labyrinth

Katrina Blankenship: Moolaade

Becki Tonges: Mooalaade

Becki Tonges: Oldboy

Ashleigh Yokeley: Oldboy

Kayla Pigg: Pan's Labyrinth

Kayla Pigg: The Story of Film, Pts 1-6

Ashley Rule - Warrior Colle:Moolaade

Nick Farler: Moolaade

Jeremy Hay: Moolaade

John Turner: Oldboy

John Turner: City of God

Ashley Rule: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Jenine Tackett: Monsoon Wedding

Becki Tonges: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Zachary Johnson: Selma

Course Profiles:

Michael Benton

Jenine Tackett (4/8 Some Like It Hot: 6 responses)

Ashley Rule (4/15 Appropriate Behavior: 8 responses)

Kevin Vanhoose (4/26 Cloud Atlas: 9 responses)

Brian Grindle (4/26 Citizenfour: 4 responses)

Raychell Estenson (4/26 City of God: 1 responses)

Kayla Pigg (4/26 Citizenfour: 12 responses

Crystal Bradshaw (5/4: 10 responses)

Zachary Johnson (4/26 Che Part Two: 9 responses)

Patrick Maloney (4/29 Dirty Wars: 9 responses)

Ashleigh Yokeley(4/29 Cloud Atlas: 10 responses)

Becki Tonges (3/11 Moolaade: 4 responses)

Katrina Blankenship (3/11 Moolaade: 2 responses)

William Hunter (3/11 Moolaade: 4 responses)

Dustin Wallace (3/11 Pan's Labyrinth: 1 responses)

Jarrett O'Hearn (3/11: 0 responses)

Caitlin Terrell (3/11 Zodiac: 6 responses)

April Curtis (4/5 Heartbeats: 8 responses)

Aaron Washing (4/5 Moolaade: 5 responses)

Tori Hutchinson (4/5 Monsoon Wedding: 1 responses)

Austin Miller (4/5 Dogtooth: 6 responses)

John Turner (4/5 Hunger: 6 responses)

Jaelyn Coles (4/8 Superbad: 0 responses)

Jeremy Hay (4/8 Heartbeats: 9 responses)

Nick Farler (4/8 Moolaade: 4 responses)

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