Monday, September 19, 2016

Resources for September 19, 2016

Yazdani, Masoud, ed. Why Does Film Matter?  Intellect, 2011.

Cimino, Michael, Scott Foundas and Kris Kristofferson. "Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate." The Close-Up (July 13, 2016) ["The director broke through with his 1978 best picture Oscar winner, The Deer Hunter, which embodied the style and ethos of the New Hollywood movement that produced epics like The Godfather and Chinatown before it. Cimino’s follow up was Heaven’s Gate, an ambitious take on the western starring Kris Kristofferson as a federal marshal investigating a government-sanctioned plot to steal land from European settlers in Wyoming. Heaven’s Gate is widely known to be one of the biggest box-office flops in history, effectively ending the New Hollywood era and causing United Artists to go under. But the film has been reappraised in recent years, and many believe it to be a misunderstood classic. After a sold-out screening of the film’s Director’s Cut at the 50th New York Film Festival back in 2012, an emotional Cimino took the stage saying, “It’s difficult to be rational in this moment . . . it’s taken 33 years to get here.”]

Fox, Neil, Dario Linares and Kingsley Marshall. "12 Angry Men." The Cinematologists #10 (September 26, 2015)

Lane, Penny. "Nuts!" Film School (July 8, 2016) ["Inventive and wildly fun, NUTS! recounts the unbelievable true story of John Romulus Brinkley, a Kansas doctor who in 1917 discovered that he could cure impotence by transplanting goat testicles into men. From there, the story only gets more bizarre. Mixing hand-drawn animated reenactments, interviews, archival footage, and a very unreliable narrator,NUTS! traces Brinkley’s rise from poverty and obscurity to the heights of celebrity, wealth, and influence. Along the way, he transplants thousands of goat testicles, amasses an enormous fortune, is (sort of) elected Governor of Kansas, invents junk mail and the infomercial, builds the world’s most powerful radio station, and generally annoys the heck out of the establishment. Filmmaker Penny Lane has skillfully borrowed a page from her subject – charming viewers into believing the unbelievable, building their trust and excitement, until the final chapter bares the painful truth and reveals the doctor for what he truly was. NUTS! reminds us that our love of (and need for) compelling narratives is exactly what makes us so endlessly susceptible to being conned. Director Penny Lanestops by for a conversation on Brinkley, our collective need to believe in something and any contemporary parallels to be drawn from this bizarre story."]

Char, Jessie and Arik Devens. "Singin' In the Rain." Cinema Gadfly #6 (ND)

Anthony, West, David Blakeslee and Robert Nishimura. "The First Films of Samuel Fuller." The Eclipse Viewer #4 (October 24, 2012)

Kovalik, Dan. "America in Vietnam: The Enduring Myth of the Noble Cause." Counterpunch (September 14, 2016)

Pinter, Harold. "Art, Truth and Politics." Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 (Acceptance Speech)

Meyers, Mark. "How He Fell in Love." Film School (July 8, 2016) ["Travis (Matt McGorry), a young struggling musician, crosses paths with Ellen (Amy Hargreaves), an older married yoga teacher who is trying to adopt a child with her husband. Travis and Ellen begin an affair that slowly deepens into something more intimate and profound. As their encounters continue, Ellen is confronted with her failing marriage while Travis must face the consequences of his actions. Written and directed by Marc Meyers (HARVEST) and stars Matt McGorry (Orange is the New Black), Amy Hargreaves (Homeland, BLUE RUIN), Britne Oldford (American Horror Story) and veteran film and theatre actor Mark Blum (Mozart in the Jungle). Director Marc Meyersjoins us for a conversation on managing the responsibilities of writing, producing and directing his own unforgettably intimate film."]

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