Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An Appreciation of the Worldwide Community of Cinephiles

It has been a very tough year! Beyond family/friends, I feel very fortunate to be a part of/involved with a far flung community of cinephiles that are some of the most progressive people I know. What is it about immersion in the worldwide cinematic culture that cultivates such empathetic, openminded and friendly people? Sure we have our cultural conflicts and differences of opinion, but overwhelmingly we seek dialogue and enjoy learning different ways of seeing/perceiving. This recent short podcast episode from The Next Picture Show really reflected and spoke to my dawning awareness of how fortunate I am to work/live in this great cultural conversation. Thanks to all of you - those I know and those I have not met, those that make podcasts, those that write even when there is no guaranteed monetary rewards, those involved with the incredible outpouring of video essays, the many curators who labor out of love to bring us unique films, the independent companies that rescue unique films, and those that encourage our conversations in other ways. You are a great salve for my soul in these times. 


Michael Benton

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