Tuesday, June 20, 2017

American Honey (UK/USA: Andrea Arnold, 2016)

American Honey  (UK/USA: Andrea Arnold, 2016: 163 mins)

American Honey Critics Round Up (Ongoing Archive)

Anderson, Barry, et al. "The Andrea Arnold Connection (2006 - 2016)." Illusion Travels by Streetcar #131 (January 4, 2017)

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---. "On American Honey and Preserving Mystery in Film." Fresh Air (September 29, 2016)

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Chang, Justin. "Andrea Arnold's American Honey is an Indelible Epic of the Open Road." The Los Angeles Times (September 29, 2016)

Gleiberman, Owen. "What American Honey Catches (Beautifully) About the Kids: They’re Not All Right." Variety (October 23, 2016)

Kermode, Mark. "American Honey: A Magical Mystery Tour of the US." The Guardian (October 16, 2016)

Koski, Genevieve, et al. "My Own Private Idaho / American Honey (Pt. 1)." The Next Picture Show #49 (November 1, 2016)  ["This week, we’ve all come to look for America, and we’re looking for it in a pair of road movies about underprivileged outsiders and the dreams that keep them hustling from place to place. Inspired by Andrea Arnold's sprawling new AMERICAN HONEY, we look back at Gus Van Sant's 1991 indie-punk-surrealist-fantasy-coming-of-age mishmash MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. In this half, we attempt to wrangle IDAHO's many moving parts, admire and mourn its central performances, and share some crazy (or not so crazy??) fan theories."]

---. "My Own Private Idaho / American Honey (Pt. 2)." The Next Picture Show #50 (November 3, 2016) ["We return to the road in our two-part exploration of America and self, jumping to the current day with Andrea Arnold's sprawling, music-packed AMERICAN HONEY, a film with some of the same concerns as MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, but a much different stylistic approach. In this half, we talk over how the two films handle matters of poverty, style, infatuation, and "the other America."]

McGoff, Jessica. "Andrea Arnold's Women in Landscapes." (Posted on Vimeo: September 2016)

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