Monday, June 5, 2017

Slurring Bee 2

Also need 15 absurd/quirky warm up questions

Pronouncer Information 1. Read carefully the Judges, Recorders, Spellers and Audiences information that is included in the Scripps pronouncers’ guide. 2. Familiarize yourself with all words on the confidential word list. Pronunciation is important. A meeting with the judges to insure pronunciation of words and procedures will be scheduled prior to the Bee beginning. 3. Speak clearly for contestants, judges and audience alike. Grant all requests to repeat a word until the judges agree that the word has been made reasonably clear to the speller. You may request the speller to speak more clearly or louder. 4. “Pace” yourself. You need time to focus attention on the pronunciation of the new word and the judges need a few moments between each contestant to do their tasks.

Speller’s Information 1. Each speller needs to focus on the Pronouncer, to aid his or her hearing and understanding of the context of the word. A speller may ask for the word to be repeated, for its use in a sentence, for a definition, for the part of speech, and for the language of origin. 2. Each speller should pronounce the word before and after spelling it. If the speller fails to pronounce the word after spelling it, the judge may ask if they are finished. If they say yes, the judge will remind the speller to remember to repeat the word the next time. (No speller will be eliminated for failing to pronounce a word.) 3. When a speller is at the podium spelling, the next speller should be standing at a marked location ready to proceed to the podium.

47) burgeon

48) traipse

49) penchant

50)  sapiosexual

51) salmagundi

52) threnody

53) frangipani

54) pasteurization

55) contemporaneous

56) potpourri

57) oriflamme

58) philippic

59) pirouette

60) inveigh

61) ascetic

62) fuchsia

63) tourniquet

64) pergola

65) restaurateur

66) wainscoting

67) marjoram

68) avoirdupois

69) questionnaire

70) phlegm

71) dirigible

72) milieu

73) liqueur

74) acrimonious

75) chrysalis

76) myrrh

77) prepossessing

78) mayonnaise

79) hacienda

80) geranium

81) aesthetics

82) peregrinate

83) periphrasis

84) exegesis

85) hermeneutics

86) rebus

87) brachiate

88) baroque

89) lithotripsy

90) ekphrasis

91) cacography

92) hoodlum

93) syncretism

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