Friday, May 11, 2018

Dialogic Cinephilia - May 12, 2018

Bratt, Peter.  "Dolores." Radio West (March 6, 2018) ["Dolores Huerta co-founded the first farmers workers union alongside Cesar Chavez. But she's not as well known as Chavez, and the director Peter Bratt believes she left out of the history because she was a strong defiant woman. Bratt set out to change that. Few people know the name Dolores Huerta, but she’s among the most important activists in American history. Huerta was an equal partner with Cesar Chavez in co-founding the first farm workers unions. Together they fought for racial and labor justice, a struggle she continues to this day, at age 87. Director Peter Bratt joins us to discuss his documentary film about Huerta’s lifelong battle for civil rights. It’s also about the personal sacrifices and unconventional choices of a complicated woman."]

Ebiri, Bilge. "English Speakers: The prison of language in Terrence Malick's The New World." Moving Image Source (October 27, 2008)

Gladwell, Malcolm. "The Big Man Can't Shoot." Revisionist History 1.3 (ND) ["“The Big Man Can’t Shoot” is a meditation on the puzzle of why smart people do dumb things—why excellence is such a difficult and elusive goal, even for the best-intentioned."]

Gross, Ashley and Jon Marcus. "High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University." All Things Considered (April 25, 2018)

Jolie, Rachel Anne. "Marxist Feminism: The Struggle Against Capitalist Patriarchal Hegemony." Revolutionary Left Radio (August 28, 2017) ["Topics include: A brief summary of the history of feminism, the differences between Marxist Feminism and Liberal Feminism, Sex Work, Trans rights, connections between the LGBTQ struggle and the labor struggle, the importance of intersectional Solidarity, and much more!"]

Lund, Carson. "The New World (2004) A Film by Terrence Malick." Are the Hills Going to March Off (January 2, 2011)

Matsumoto, Nancy. "How Foodies Can Understand Capitalism and Farm-to-Table Justice." Yes! (April 30, 2018) ["Our food system can be a place for systemic transformation through an alliance between the progressive and radical wings of the food movement."]

Framing the Picture: The Evolving Role of Sex and Sexuality in the Horror Genre from Matt Marlin on Vimeo.

Framing the Picture: Favorite Films of 2016 from Matt Marlin on Vimeo.

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