Monday, July 30, 2018

Dialogic Cinephilia - July 30, 2018

“Haven’t you ever been put in a new situation and found that, after overcoming its difficulties, you had developed a new set of skills and new experiences along the way?” -- Geometry teacher in Margaret (Kenneth Lonnergan, 2011)

"It’s just about being a boy and figuring out what the hell your sexual identity will be — or what it means." - Barry Jenkin's on his film Moonlight (2016)

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“How can we—those of us who profess to educate—accept the student demand not only as a rebuke, which it certainly is, but also as a gift?” -- Tav Nyong’o

Waldrun, Jeremy. "Brave Spaces." The New York Review of Books (June 28, 2018)


ZerovilleZeroville by Steve Erickson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The strange journey of a fish-out-of-water arriving in Hollywood and seeking to get into the business. Sounds cliche, but Erickson takes this as a starting point to explore the cultural trends of the 60s - 80s in an unexpected and strange way. Vikar, perhaps, could bring to mind the protagonist of Kosinski's 1970 novel Being There (Hal Ashby film came out in 1979), but Vikar is much more rough-and-tumble and has a darker side. The book is like a slow boulder coming down a hill, gaining acceleration and power as it moves. A real treat for cinephiles as the story winds it way through film history (in the character's life and through characters' dialogues - I love the reoccurring burglar/thief with an extensive knowledge and strong opinions about film history)!

I saw the trailer for the new James Franco film. Unfortunately it looks like they are going in a screwball comedy direction - which this book definitely is not.

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