Monday, January 13, 2020

HUM 121: Peace and Conflict Studies student film responses

Recommended Responses:

Olivia Crowdy - American Dharma: Deeper Government

Olivia Crowdy - Hail Satan?: Fear of the Unknown

Lizzie Buchholtz - Hail Satan?: Ave Satanas

Beth Brown - Power to the People: Black Panthers

Neif Arreola-Lopez - American Hate: Victims and Offenders

Lizzie Buchholtz - American Hate: The Cruel Groups of Society

Beth Brown 10 (American Hate; Black Panthers; Hail Satan?; Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy; Play Again; Pig Business; Mirror Mirror; Abused; Truth Lies and In Between; Killing the Reef) - A

Alanaa Anthony 10 (American Hate; Do Not Resist; Coronavirus Capitalism; Hail Satan!; Black Panthers; The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez; Get Out; Miss Representation; The Purge; You Are Alive for a Reason) -- A

Lizzie Buchholtz 9 (American Hate; Do Not Resist; Hail Satan?; The Animal People; Beau of the Fifth Column; You Are Alive for a Reason; The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez; When They See Us; Surviving R. Kelly) - B

Cecee Epps 0 - D

Kade Pena 0 - D

Tony Rutledge 8 (American Hate; Black Panthers; The Animal People; Policing the Police; Blue; Imminent Threat; Pig Business; Mass Extinction) - B


Neif Arreola-Lopez 6 (American Hate; If a Tree Falls; Democracy Now coronavirus report; Joe Rogan & Darryl Davis; Law and Disorder; Mike Kurlansky) - C

Monell Richards 9 (Do Not Resist; Hail Satan; American Dharma; Inside Job; Citizenfour; Tomorrow; If Beale Street Could Talk; Bisbee 17; American Factory) - B

Hannah Yahr 10 (Do Not Resist; Hail Satan?; Girls: Moving Beyond Myth; The Secret World of Tinder; CIA Drug Trafficking; Smartphones: The Dark Side; Rape on the Night Shift; The Bystander Movement; Unslut; Beauty Movement) - A

Olivia Crowdy 11 (American Hate; Do Not Resist; Hail Satan?; American Dharma; Miss Representation; You Are a Life for a Reason; Beau of the Fifth Column) - A

Will Clay 9 (American Hate; Black Panthers; Do Not Resist; Inside Job; 13th; The Purge; Trials of Gabriel Fernandez; Animal People; Don't Fuck with Cats) - B

Riley Whittaker 8 (American Hate; Do Not Resist; Hail Satan!; The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez; Don't Fuck with Cats; Unbelievable; Tiger King; Blackfish) - B

Levi Piatt  2 (Hail Satan; Do Not Resist) - D

Michael Benton

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