Friday, May 22, 2020

Dialogic Cinephilia - May 22, 2020

Bamber, Martin. "Kiss Me, Stupid (Billy Wilder, 1964)." Senses of Cinema #94 (Spring 2020)

---. "The Servant (Joseph Losey, 1963)." Senses of Cinema #94 (Spring 2020)

Benton, Michael. "Recommended Films of 2017." Letterboxd (Ongoing Archive)

Bregman, Rutger. "Rutger Bregman's Utopias, and Mine." The Ezra Klein Show (July 22, 2019) ["Universal basic income. A 15-hour work week. Open borders. These ideas may strike you as crazy, fantastical, maybe even utopian... but that’s exactly the point. My guest today is Dutch historian Rutger Bregman, whose book Utopia for Realists is not only about utopian visions but about the importance of utopian thinking. Imagining utopia, he writes, “isn’t an attempt to predict the future. It’s an attempt to unlock the future. To fling open the windows of our minds.” He’s right. And so this isn’t just a conversation about his utopia, or mine. It’s a conversation about how to think like a utopian, and why doing so matter most when the days feel particularly dystopic."]

Dallas, Paul, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, and Robin Schavoir. "The Plagiarists." Film at Lincoln Center Podcast #235 (July 10, 2019)

Kane, Myles, Josh Koury and Gay Talese. "Voyeur." Film at Lincoln Center Podcast #164 (January 11, 2018) ["Directors Myles Kane and Josh Koury join writer Gay Talese to discuss the documentary Voyeur, which is now on Netflix. The film is about Talese’s controversial journey to publish a book on the subject of Gerald Foos, who purchased a motel in Colorado in the 1960s and furnished the rooms with louvered vents that allowed him to spy on his guests."]

O'Brien, Gabrielle. "A cinema of resistance: My Brilliant Career (Gillian Armstrong, 1979)." Senses of Cinema #94 (Spring 2020)

Sturgeon, Jonathon. "Care Package." The Baffler #51 (April 2020) ["Our fear now in social isolation, the alienation and frustration that comes from being unable to touch someone or care for them, is an accelerated version of the selfsame alienation so often written about in modern life."]

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