Monday, June 8, 2020

Dialogic Cinephilia - June 8, 2020

Bergmann, Max. "How to Live Together with Her (2013): Posthuman Forms of Roland Barthes’ Idiorrhythmy." Film Criticism 44.1 (January 2020)

Crawford-Roberts, Ann, et al. "George Floyd's Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America." Scientific American (June 6, 2020) ["The weaponization of medical language emboldened white supremacy with the authority of the white coat. How will we stop it from happening again?"]

Davis, Darryl. "Racial Injustice: KKKrossing The Divide." How Do We Fix It? (June 5, 2020) ["To gain some insight on what can be done to address discrimination and tensions between races, we speak with R&B and blues musician Daryl Davis, a black man who has spent the past 35 years on a remarkable quest of speaking with, and at times befriending, members of white supremacist groups. He has helped more than 200 KKK members to renounce their racist ideology. "We have to ask ourselves the question: do I want to sit back and see what my country becomes, or do I want to stand up and make my country become what I want to see," Daryl tells us. "I've chosen the latter. And so you have to get into the thick of it." As a race conciliator and lecturer, Davis has received numerous awards and is often sought by CNN, MSNBC, NPR and other media outlets as a consultant on race relations and white supremacy."]

Doyle, Caitlyn. "Truth Unreconciled: Counter-Dreaming in Jeff Barnaby’s Rhymes for Young Ghouls." Film Criticism 44.1 (January 2020)

Ganguly, Suranjan. "Encounters with the Forbidden: Satyajit Ray’s The Adversary and The Middleman." Film Criticism 44.1 (January 2020)

Laclau, Ernesto and Chantal Mouffe. Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democrat Politics. 2nd ed. Verso, 2001.

Lopez, Christy E. "Defund the Police? Here's What That Really Means." The Washington Post (June 7, 2020)

Subissati, Andrea. "Glossary of Gore: Cultural Hegemony." Faculty of Horror (June 7, 2020)

Teachout, Zephyr. "Corruption and Citizenship." Political Philosophy 1.2 (ND)

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