Monday, February 7, 2022

Pain and Glory (Spain: Pedro Almodovar, 2019)

Pain and Glory (Spain: Pedro Almodovar, 2019: 113 mins)

Almodóvar, Pedro and Antonio Banderas. "Pain and Glory at NYFF57." Film at Lincoln Center Podcast #246 (September 27, 2019) ["... a conversation with Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas at the press conference for Pain and Glory as they discuss the creative process, mixing truth and fiction, and much more."]

Azevedo, Luis. "In the Kitchen with Pedro Almodóvar." (Posted on Youtube: March 10, 2020) 

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Hernandez, Eugene, Michael Koresky and Nicolas Rapold. "Pedro Almodóvar and Pain and Glory." Film Comment Podcast (September 18, 2019) ["Koresky writes, “There has been no clearer onscreen representation of the filmmaker’s essence than the main character of Pain and Glory, played with exquisite middle-aged restraint by Almodóvar’s longtime muse, Antonio Banderas.”"]

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