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ENG 282: Spring 2021 Responses, Discussion Boards and Personal Tracks

Exemplary Letterboxd Responses:

Kylon Bibb: Blade Runner: A Dark City Where Anyone Could Be No Human and Blade Runner 2049: A Sequel and Its Attention-Grabbing Opening Sequence

Bryant Carlson: Inside Out

Caden Healander: Her: Appreciating our Humanness

Caden Healander: Frances Ha: Ticking Time Trance

Peyton Owens: A Ghost Story

Peyton Owens: Fruitvale Station

Nicholas Hayden: Call Me By Your Name: Love When You Least Expect It

Kylon Bibb: Enemy: Part 1 - Two Contrasting Sides of the Same Coin: An Adulterous Cycle; Part 2 - When a Spider Recognizes its Betrayer

Kylon Bibb: The Artist: A Relic of the Past

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Cloud Atlas: The Miscellany of Souls

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Odd Man: Phillip K. Dick's Radio Free Albemuth

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Pan's Labyrinth: The Path of Morality and the Roads that Wind Us

Caden Healander: Tomboy: A Review on The Importance of Language and Respect.

Caden Healander: Heartbeats: Six Types

Caden Healander: Waltz with Bashir: Signal Flare

Caden Healander: Pan's Labyrinth: The Importance of Fiction

Caden Healander: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: “Let Me Tell You About My Boat” and Other Sad Times

Kylon Bibb: Lady Vengeance: Stylistic Changes Avert Disappointment

Sarah Patrick: Pan's Labyrinth: Magic Is There For Those Who Believe

Kelsey Mink: The Return: The Movie of Endless Meaning

Bryant Carlson: A History of Violence: No Good Cup of Joe in Philly

Graham Pickering: Good Night, and Good Luck: Words Matter

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Hard Candy: Cat, Mouse, Crime, or Punishment

Nathan Foster: Hero: A Swift, Beautiful Sword

Caden Healander: Memories of Murder: Memories of Brutality

Isabelle Gray: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Kylon Bibb: 3-Iron: Communication Through the Absence of Dialogue

Kylon Bibb: The Royal Tenenbaums: Anderson's Visual Presentation

Emily Hoover: Oldboy

Bryant Carlson: Mulholland Drive: The Road Less Traveled

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Memento: The Sovereignty of the Mind

Caden Healander: Hedwig and the Angry Inch: The Origin of Self Love

Caden Healander: "I Used to Be Gay Once": But I'm a Cheerleader.

Vladimir Gundorin: The Cuckoo

Bryant Carlson: American Psycho 

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: "In the Mood for Love: Better to Have Loved and Lost ..."

Letterboxd Responses:

Micaela Missildine 8 (Hugo; Tabu; Parasite; Guardians of the Galaxy; Inside Out; Kubo and the Two Strings; Okja; Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse) (Grade: 80)

Caden Healander 10 (But I'm a Cheerleader; Hedwig and the Angry Inch; Memories of Murder; The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; Pan's Labyrinth; Waltz with Bashir; Heartbeats; Tomboy; Frances Ha Ha; Her) (Grade: 100)

Nathan Foster 4 (Hero; Brick; Children of Men; Nomadland) (Grade: 40)

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie 10 (In the Mood for Love; Memento; Mystic River; Hard Candy; Film Matters Interview-3 credits; Pan's Labyrinth; Radio Free Albemuth; Cloud Atlas) (Grade: 100)

Graham Pickering 10 (American Beauty; Donnie Darko; Whale Rider; Good Night, and Good Luck; The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford; Wendy and Lucy; Winter Bone; Detachment; Fruitvale Station; Boyhood) (Grade: 100)

Bryant Carlson 10 (American Psycho; Mulholland Drive; A History of Violence; Superbad; Shutter Island; The Cabin in the Woods; Django Unchained; Interstellar; Inside Out) (Grade: 100)

Jannet Ojeda 10 (The Sixth Sense; A Beautiful Mind; The Pianist; Brokeback Mountain; Pan's Labyrinth; Slumdog Millionaire; Social Network; Hugo; Moonrise Kingdom; Prisoners) (Grade: 100)

Kelsey Mink 10 (Donnie Darko; The Return; Hard Candy; Little Miss Sunshine; District 9; Jennifer's Body; The Skin I Live In; Gone Girl; Inside-Out; Nocturnal Animals) (Grade: 100)

Sarah Patrick 10 (The Virgin Suicides; Spirited Away; Hard Candy; Pan's Labyrinth; Zodiac; Mother; Hugo; Wadjda; Ida; It Follows) (Grade: 100)

Emily Hoover 10 (The Invitation; Fight Club; City of God; Oldboy; V for Vendetta; Zodiac; Jennifer's Body; The Cabin in the Woods; Django Unchained; Get Out) (Grade: 100)

Hailey Meeker 3 (Battle Royale; Beasts of No Nation; Bomb City; The Wolf of Snow Hollow) (Grade: 40)

Ananda Casals (Grade: 0)

Jamil Ford (WD)

Kylon Bibb 10 (The Royal Tenenbaums; 3-Iron; Lady Vengeance; Stake Land; The Artist; Enemy; Short Term 12; Blade Runner; Blade Runner 2049; Slow West) (Grade: 100)

Tucker Lee Miller 9 (Dogville; The Incredibles; Pontypool; Shutter Island; The Cabin in the Woods; Django Unchained; Guardians of the Galaxy; Creed; Arrival) (Grade: 90)

Graham Pickering 10 (Donnie Darko; American Beauty; Whale Rider; Good Night, and Good Luck; The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford; Wendy and Lucy; Winter's Bone; Detachment; Fruitvale Station; Boyhood) (Grade 100)

Slade Gish (Grade: 0)

Bradley Sebastian (WD)

Isabelle Gray 10 (The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Me and Earl and the Dying Girl; Shutter Island; The Cabin in the Woods; Fruitvale Station; Parasite; Annihilation; Interstellar; Arrival; The Miseducation of Cameron Post) (Grade 100)

Cameron Young 10 (Good Night, and Good Luck; Children of Men, The Social Network, District 9, Hugo; Moonrise Kingdom; Grand Budapest Hotel; Kill the Messenger; Tesla; Isle of Dog) (Grade 100)

Vladimir Gundorin 10 (Three Kings; The Cuckoo; Million Dollar Baby; Hugo; Django Unchained; District 9; Moon; Guardians of the Galaxy; Hugo; Black Book) (Grade: 100)

Nicholas Hayden 7 (Silver Linings Playbook; It Follows; Guardians of the Galaxy; Call Me By Your Name; Black Panther; Uncut Gems; Joker) (Grade: 70)

Peyton Owens 10 (Superbad; Zodiac; Winter's Bone; Tomboy; Fruitvale Station; Guardians of the Galaxy; Inside Out; A Ghost Story; A Quiet Place; Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse) (Grade: 100)

Jayvin Jones 10 (Slumdog Millionaire; 13 Assassins; Attack the Block; Warrior; Django Unchained; Guardians of the Galaxy; Creed; Bladerunner 2049; Black Panther; Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse) (Grade: 100)

Personal Tracks:

Caden Healander: -Perspectives on WWII/Fantasy that reflects reality/Animation/Color (specifically Wes Anderson)/Soundtracks as a tool in film/LGBTQ+

Chelsea Morgan-Ritchie: Mind-Bending; Deep Emotional Narratives

1-31; 32-62; 63-93; 94-124; 125-155; 156-186; 187-217; 218-248; 249-279; 280-310; 311-346; 347 - 382; 385 - 420; 421 - 456

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