Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Brainstorming for ENG 102 Essay Topics: Fall 2021

The earlier we start this, the better!

Finding a book:

ENG 102: Books for Argument Essay Research Projects (Interviews and Analysis) 

ENG 102: Books for Argument Essay Research Projects

Finding topics/subjects:

Look on the right hand side of my website in the Dialogic Cinephilia Resources (literally look to the right side of what you are reading right now and scan downward). There are a series of links to archives on subjects and various thinkers. I'm a Film Studies professor, so there is a lot of archives on that subject. I also teach Peace & Conflict Studies so there is a wide range of links looking at history and politics. I'm also a Humanities professor with a strong interest in arts and creativity, plenty of links exploring art, culture, science, technology, philosophy, psychology, animals, food ... all kinds of subjects :)

Very important!!! Choose a topic/subject that is going to motivate you to learn more about it :) Think about it, a rare opportunity here, to pick what you want to study. I'll help you to learn to research and write the essays!  

Last, you are not required to choose something from here, these are just provided to help students that want examples. You should run your topic and book by me asap so I can provide feedback to help you with your annotated bibliography.  If you are having trouble choosing a book or a topic, contact me, lets chat about it.

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