Thursday, September 30, 2021

#International Podcast Day 2021

It is #InternationalPodcastDay and I would like to share my favorite podcasts (share yours with the hashtag). These are all easily searchable:

Breaking Points w/ Krystal & Sagar (my go-to political report)

Huberman Lab (essential & accessible neuroscience for a healthy brain & body - changed my life)

Weird Studies (high level discussion of the esoteric works/movements of art & culture - sends me chasing down all kinds of leads)

Creative Codex (a great exploration of artists & creativity)

Joe Rogan Experience (love him or hate him, he has an extraordinary range of people across the discursive spectrum engaging through in-depth conversations)

Your Undivided Attention (associated with the documentary Social Dilemma and The Center for Humane Technology - Tristan Harris examines contemporary concerns regarding social media and the breakdown of civil discourse)

The Evolution of Horror (providing a thematic series on horror in film)

Very Bad Wizards (wide ranging intellectual explorations)

The Magic Lantern (a great conversational exploration of films)

Love That Album (in depth exploration of great albums)

Philosophize This! (I wish Mr. West had been my philosophy professor)

Projections (Mary Wild's and Sarah Kathyrn Cleaver's psychoanalytical journey through film)

The Projection Booth (Mike White's long running and crazily productive, in-depth examination of the far reaches of the cinematic universe, with an incredible group of supporting thinkers and guests with connections to the particular film. I really can't summarize how amazing this podcast is ...)

See Hear (A journey through musical expression and exploration in film)

The Final Girls (British podcast producing multi-episode examinations of current films right when I get interested in them... it is uncanny. Latest examples Cam and Censor.)

Historiansplaining (Challenges the common assumptions of historical knowledge and provide a good corrective to misinformation - especially for those that think they know history)

On Being - (provides me with a wide range of thinkers & activists exploring the spiritual side of life)

On the Media - (essential breakdown of the issues and problems associated with the chattering class in mainstream media)

Film Comment Podcast - (high level discussions with a range of experts and interviews with the filmmakers)

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