Friday, May 6, 2022

Student Topics for ENG 102 Argument Essays: Spring 2022

Problem of Islamophobia 
Reduce Gun Laws 
Pro-immigration, reform current laws 
Negative aspects of social media 
Healthcare-Problem of Increasing Rates of Obesity in America 
Argument for good nutritional practices 
Issue of Head Injuries in the NFL 
South Park has used satire and story to effectively make us reflect on our own negative habits, emotions, and behaviors without becoming a biased political mouthpiece for any one party. 
Critique of Sea World
Defense of Assisted-Suicide 
Problem of Obesity in America 
Addressing the Problem of Racism in America
Negative effects of Social Media 
James Loewen's Critique of How History is Taught in Schools 
Keystone Pipeline 
Addressing the Myths about GMOs 
Why College is Important 
Solitary confinement should not be used as a form of punishment. 
The Problems Associated with Social Media 
Supporting Foster Youth in Transition to Independence 
Is Addiction a Disease? 
Against the Death Penalty 
Addiction to Social Media 
Ending Mass Incarceration in America 
I will show through scientific research that when someone chooses a faith-based approach they are less likely to relapse or fall back into the same addictive behaviors. 
In support of the right to end one's life when terminally ill 
Dr Who provides us with examples of how to be better persons and of a possibly better world.

 On Simon Bolivar's Historical Importance 

We should respect the military
Was Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser a democratic leader
Dangers of a Surveillance Society 
Lack of mental health resources in America has been a severe problem for those who are suffering with mental conditions 
Community Gardens are the Solution for Our Rising Food Costs 
Importance of Technology Integration in K-12 Education 
Why Sports Betting should be legal 
Free to Play video games encourage companies to use manipulative and anti-consumer practices. 
Universal Healthcare 
Legalization of Marijuana 
Abuse of Performance Enhancing Drugs 
America's Pornography Problem 
Problem of Fast/Processed Foods 
Unethical Practice of Lootboxes in Video Games (targeted toward minors) 
Universal Healthcare 
Decriminalization of Prostitution 
Big Pharma's role in the opioid crisis 
Social Media 
Federal Legalization of Marijuana
Prison Reform 
Why Humans Need Art? 
Federal Legalization and Decriminalization of Cannabis in the United States 
A Comprehensive Understanding of Addiction 
Haunting or Hoax? Investigating the Paranormal
Healthcare in America 
Importance of Sleep for Cognitive Excellence 
Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions on Russia 
Mental Health Issues 
Fake News/Media Literacy 
Stigma, prejudice, and discrimination creates a hostile and stressful social environment that causes mental health problems throughout the homosexual community 
Problems of Mission/Missionary Programs
Treating Childhood Trauma 
Support of Abortion Rights 
In support of universal healthcare 
Critique of Standardized Testing
Cigarettes should be illegal 
Working to help children of divorce 
Paid Family Leave for both Parents 
Humane and consensual euthanasia should be available to those who are dying and are living in immense amounts of pain 
In contrast to what we’re made to believe, a diet based solely on protein and fats is the true optimal way of eating for cognitive and physiological function
Is Vladimir Putin committing war crimes with his attack on Ukraine?
Amazon's role in the American economy and how such a large corporation could lend a helping or hurting hand to our society. 
There is a rising mental health crisis in men, due to social stigmas, targeted marketing, and lack of support. 
Problems associated with a two-party political system in a democracy. 
Marijuana Legalization 
Critique of Andrew Jackson's policies as President 
Climate Change 
The “Dark Ages” was not an age of ignorance and savagery, on the contrary, it was an age of harmony and beauty, that one can witness today.
Problem of Steroid Abuse
Critique of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill 
Social Media Addiction
The Importance of Sleep to Human Health 
The Corruption of Big Pharma 
Marijuana Legalization 
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) could be a lot safer and there are a lot of different things that can be done to make the sport better in many ways 
Reform of Foster Care 
Problem of Bullying 
Marijuana Legalization 
Negative Representation of women in the Media 
Apologia for Christianity

John Stuart Mill’s principles about liberty of thought and discussion are still valid, the free interchange of ideas is the best way to learn and find out the truth.  

Importance of Sleep to Good Health 
Concerns About Screen Culture 
Raise Awareness of Scientific Understanding of ADHD 
The Black Panther Party - defense of 
Analysis of Ways to Address Supply Chain Problems 
In Defense of Our National Parks 
Abstain from Social Media 
Stronger Regulation of Big Tech 
Negative aspects of the modeling industry 
Arguing Casey Anthony was guilty of murdering her child 
Required paid leave for new parents 
In Support of Vaccines for Children 
Negative Impact of Social Media in Our Society 
The Importance of Aftercare Planning & Treatment for Addicts 
Problems of Social Media 
We are assigning too much homework for elementary students 
The Case for Universal Income 
Abortion Rights 
Cognitive Development as a Key for Personal Success 

Why Christopher Nolan is a great director. 
The benefits and shortcomings of how digital fighting games (DFG) uniquely satisfy our competitive nature. 
Vietnam War
Climate Change 
Misogyny in the Bible 
Theodore Allen's Invention of the White Race

Clearing up confusion in regards to gene editing 
The effect of automation on labor and the need for a stronger social safety net 
Royalist history of the French Revolution 
Religion and Politics 
Along with common core learning, the introduction of visual, auditory, and three-dimensional arts in elementary education is beneficial to the growth of individuality and self-regulation throughout a person’s lifetime. 
Knowing how our personal information is being used and how to safeguard ourselves in this technological age is a must if we are to gain control over our own privacy. 
The Importance of the Nation of Islam in African-American culture 
Child Abuse 
Adverse effects of digital technologies 
Regulation of Big Tech Data Collection
Regulation of Social Media Among Young Adults
The importance of soccer to Spanish identity
Addressing misinformation about Epilepsy
Need to address alcoholism in America
Causes in the rise of debilitating anxiety in young adults
Christians should be involved in politics, but need to stay true to their core values
Cell Phones are harmful when they are used irresponsibly and carelessly.

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