Saturday, September 13, 2014

Resources for September 14, 2014

Reed, Kayla. "Japan’s Guardians Of The Galaxy ads have way more raccoons and trees." AV Club (September 12, 2014)

Marsh, Calum. "The Color Wheel: Confronting the Modern Condition." Keyframe (January 17, 2014)

Pinkerton, Nick. "New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones: Permanent Vacation." Reverse Shot (Summer 2005)

Axemaker, Sean. "Send in THE CLOWNS: Fellini’s documentary pageant of the great clowns of Italy, France, and Britain is also a wake for the end of the circus clown era." Keyframe (January 10, 2014)

Risselada, Brian, Josh Ryan and Max Slobodin. "Shane Carruth." Syndromes and a Cinema #6 (December 8, 2013) ["... the films of Shane Carruth, an American director who also wrote, produced, edited, composed the score for, and acted in both of his two films Primer (2004) and Upstream Color (2013)."]

Risselada, Brian and Josh Ryan. "Miklós Jancsó." Syndromes and a Century #7 (February 13, 2014) ["... the films of acclaimed Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó who passed away on January 31, 2014 at the age of 92. In particular we look at his films My Way Home (1964), The Round-Up (1965) and The Red and the White (1967)."]

Tupitsyn, Masha. "On Robert Bresson." Necessary Fiction (January 8, 2014)

Clark, Ashley. "An Oversimplification of Her Beauty: A dazzling, deliquescent, take-this-heart love movie." Sight and Sound (March 2014)

Cutler, Aaron. "Film Noir: An Interview with Imogen Sara Smith." The Moviegoer (December 20, 2013)

Walters, Ben. "Stranger By the Lake - Lakeside cruising and what lies beneath: a spellbinding erotic mystery from French writer-director Alain Guiraudie." Sight and Sound (March 2014)

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