Saturday, September 6, 2014

Resources for September 6, 2014

M*A*S*H* (USA: Robert Altman, 1970)

Halper, Evan. "Local Communities Are Taking Control Of Their Power Supply." Popular Resistance (September 4, 2014)

Choma, Russ. "Two Grand Juries Continuing Probe Into 2012 Iowa Payola Scandal." Open Secrets (September 4, 2014)

Murphy, Jill. "Dark Fragments: Contrasting Corporealities in Pasolini’s La ricotta." Alphaville #7 (Summer 2014)

Krauss, Dan. "hrough the Lens: The Kill Team." Radio West (September 1, 2014)["We continue our Through the Lens series Tuesday with "The Kill Team." A U.S. Army platoon made headlines in 2010 after if was learned they'd murdered several innocent Afghan civilians. In his film, director Dan Krauss examines those events and their fallout through the story of Adam Winfield, one of the guilty soldiers. Winfield tried to alert the military of the atrocity he and his comrades committed. His warnings went unheeded and Winfield found himself the target of a massive war crimes investigation. Krauss joins us to discuss his film, which explores the intersection of morality, conflict, and violence.">

Sands, Julian. "A Celebration of Harold Pinter." Radio West (September 2, 2014) ["As the Nobel-winning playwright, Harold Pinter was known for his intense, uncomfortable, and dark works. But he was also a poet, and in 2005, he asked the actor Julian Sands to step-in for a reading Pinter was too sick to perform. Sands says what he found was the work of a sensitive man of immense love. After Pinter’s death, Sands created a one-man show from his prose and poetry."]

Teicholz, Nina. "The Big Fat Surprise." Radio West (September 3, 2014) ["Since the 1950s, a war has been waged in America against an accused dietary culprit: fat. Avoid fat, we were told, and you’ll live longer and healthier. However, as the investigative journalist Nina Teicholz discovered, there isn’t solid evidence of the benefits of a low-fat diet nor of the dangers of fat. In a new book, Teicholz reviews the science and history of the war on fat and she joins us Thursday to explain how America’s nutrition was derailed by personal ambition, bad science, and politics."]

Bordwell, David. "Three Dimensions of Film Narrative." Observations of Film Art (Excerpted chapter 3 from Poetics of Cinema. NY: Routledge, 2007.)

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