Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dialogic Cinephilia - December 30, 2018

Anderson, Jake. "The Handmaiden." Letterboxd (December 29, 2018)

Carter, Erica. "Margarethe von Trotta: 'Becoming a director was always the real goal.'" Sight & Sound (November 23, 2018)

Davies, William (read by Andrew McGregor). "Why We Stopped Trusting Elites." Audio Long Reads (December 14, 2018)

McCann, Ruairí. "Ash is Purest White." Photogénie (October 19, 2018)

McGreal, Chris (read by Lucy Scott). "The Making of an Opioid Epidemic." Audio Long Reads (December 3, 2018) ["When high doses of painkillers led to widespread addiction, it was called one of the biggest mistakes in modern medicine. But this was no accident."]

Movius, Geoffrey. "An Interview with Susan Sontag." Boston Review (June 1, 1975) [Photography, memory, history, identity (cultural & individual), and representation]

Ng, Alan. "Palacios." Film Threat (December 28, 2018)

"Revisiting The Dark Crystal." Breaking the Glass Slipper (August 23, 2018)  ["If you haven’t seen this cult Henson classic, The Dark Crystal tells the story of Jen, the last – or so he believes – Gelfling, who is prophesied to bring about the fall of the evil Skesis and heal a powerful relic, the titular Dark Crystal. His story is modelled on the classic chosen one trope, where a young and inexperienced boy holds the fate of the world in his hands. This film was made in 1982, so how does it hold up? The advantage of fantasy is that it has the potential to avoid looking as dated as films like The Terminator or The Lost Boys. At the time it was made, TDC was hailed as the only live action film in which a human character makes no appearance. So is it the use of puppetry that keeps the years at bay? And can we forgive the film its stereotypes that – after 30 years of commercial fantasy – now make us cringe?"]

Wilson, Bee (read by Ruth Barnes). "Yes, Bacon Really is Killing Us." Audio Long Reads (December 25, 2018) ["Decades’ worth of research proves that chemicals used to make bacon do cause cancer. So how did the meat industry convince us it was safe?"]

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