Thursday, December 6, 2018

Dialogic Cinephilia - December 6, 2018

Attree, Lizzy. "Reclaiming Africa’s Stolen Histories Through Fiction." Los Angeles Review of Books (July 11, 2018)

Bengal, Rebecca. "Smithereens: Breakfast at the Peppermint Lounge." The Current (August 20, 2018)

Benton, Michael. Recommended Films of 2015 Letterboxd (Ongoing Archive)

Boekhout, Kelly Van, Katherine Epps and Elisha Huntoon. "Top Censored News Stories of 2017 - 2018: #12 ICE Intends to Destroy Records of Inhumane Treatment of Immigrants." Project Censored (October 2, 2018)

Ford, Ashley C. "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Movies That Changed Me (February 6, 2018) ["The Nightmare Before Christmas helped writer Ashley C. Ford accept life’s imperfections. As a kid, the movie taught her that it was okay to be different and to embrace the weird and the creepy."]

Goetz, Kristina. "They Are Lions: A New Louisville School For Boys’ Powerful Push To Make History." LEO Weekly (December 5, 2018)

Goldstein, Dana. "Nation’s First Teachers’ Strike at Charter Network Begins in Chicago." The New York Times (December 4, 2018)  ["Charters are funded by taxpayers but independently managed by nonprofit organizations, like Acero, or by for-profit companies. Educators at Acero earn up to $13,000 less than their counterparts at traditional public schools in Chicago and cannot afford to live comfortably in an increasingly expensive city, according to the Chicago Teachers Union, which represents the striking workers. The chief executive of Acero, Richard L. Rodriguez, earns about $260,000 annually to manage 15 schools, a similar salary to that of Janice K. Jackson, the chief executive of the Chicago Public Schools system, which includes over 500 schools. In addition to higher pay for teachers and support staff, the union is asking that more money be spent on special education services for students and on a program that allows classroom assistants to continue their education and become lead teachers. The union also argues that Acero’s class sizes — up to 32 students at every grade level — are too high."]

Greene, David. "Star Wars IV: A New Hope." This Movie Changed Me (January 23, 2018)

Larsen, Josh. "Roma." Larsen on Film (ND)

"Martin Scorsese Creates a List of the 11 Scariest Horror Films." Open Culture (October 31, 2018)

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