Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Creator (USA: Gareth Edwards, 2023)

 The Creator (USA: Gareth Edwards, 2023: 134 mins)

"The Creator: Fiction from Fact." American Society of Cinematographers (November 16, 2023) ["Director Gareth Edwards had an unusual brief for the visual-effects team on The Creator: Their work would have to mesh with a freewheeling, pseudo-documentary shooting style."]

Fraser, Greig and Oren Soffer. "ASC Master Class — In-Depth on The Creator." The American Society of Cinematographers (January 9, 2024) ["This video was part of the ASC Master Class online session held in 2023. Here, co-cinematographers Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS and Oren Soffer discuss their unique production approach to this imaginative tale, directed by Gareth Edwards."]

Holben, Jay. "The Creator: Hope for the Future." The American Society of Cinematographers (November 2, 2023) 


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