Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall 2012 ENG 281 Course Blogs

Recommended Student Posts/Comments (rotating):

Jacob's Film Blog: Response to Hunger

Matthew on Movies: V for Vendetta -- Birth by Fire and Rain

Movie Blog: V for Vendetta Post

International Film Studies: Beginning Discussion on the British Film Institute's Global Poll of Critics and Filmmakers for a List of the Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time

Filmeter: Revolution: the right kind?

Course Weblogs:

Oi (Folsom) [1 response]

Sean Bolton's Blog (Bolton)

A Pop Culture Junkie's View on Film (Gray) [1 response]

Asynchronous Life (Barron) [1 response]

Film Blogs (Scott) [2 responses]

The Filmeter [3 responses] (Schroeder)

Movie Blog (Mangine) [1 response]

Movie Critiques (Greenhill) [1 response -- last read Fight Club]

English 281 (Mingua) [1 response]

Going to school, watching movies (Vaughn)

Looking for the Sun (Barnett)[2 Responses -- Last one top ten list]

Matthew on Movies (Harris) [2 Responses -- Last one was Lady Vengeance]

Gentlemans Quarterly 91 (Andrews) [2 responses]

ENG _281_Film_Blog (Watkins) [1 response -- last read V for Vendetta]

Jacob's Film Blog (Arnold) [3 responses -- Last read Pan's Labyrinth]

Foul Film Reviews (Decinque) [1 Response]

The Movie That You Thought You Saw That One Time (Diamond) [1 Response]

movie time (Edwards)

ZaneThinking [1 Response] (Salyers)

The Water Cooler (Valente-Johnson)

Fatty Soaps (Yates) [1 Response]
Hunger (Blakeman)

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