Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Dialogic Cinephilia - September 25, 2017

Blakeslee, David, Trevor Berrett and Matthew Gasteier. "Late Ozu, Part 1." The Eclipse Viewer #58 (July 1, 2017) ["In this first episode of a three-part series, David and Trevor are joined by Matthew Gasteier to discuss two films (Early Spring and Tokyo Twilight) from Eclipse Series 3: Late Ozu."]

El Goro. "Tales from the Crypt (1972) and Ghost Story (1981)." Talk Without Rhythm #399 (December 18, 2017)

Fraga, Victor. "The Operative (Die Agentin)." Dirty Movies (February 10, 2019)

Gooding-Williams, Robert. "Membership, Citizenship and Democracy." Public Books (September 24, 2019)

Kahn, Brian. "It's Kids vs. the World in a Landmark Climate Complaint." Gizmodo (September 23, 2019)

"Kentucky Miners Blockade Coal Train." This is America #84 (August 6, 2019)

Neoliberalism (Key Concept) Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Orleck, Annelise, et al. "Worker protections help (almost) everyone (Labor Rights)." Best of the Left #1263 (April 9, 2019) ["Today we take a look at the overwhelming benefits to society of labor, health and safety regulations and how the only people who don't come out ahead are those who have to pay for them."]

Taylor, Astra. "It Would Feel Like Having a Future: On What Democracy Might Be." This is Hell (February 16, 2019) ["Filmmaker Astra Taylor explores the big questions around democracy in the 21st century - as the framework of the 20th century liberal order collapses, a public raised on the precarious edges of capitalism is looking for new answers to the old dilemma of which people get what power."]

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