Saturday, September 5, 2020

Dialogic Cinephilia - September 5, 2020

Fogg, B.J., et al. "A History of Persuasion, Pt. 3." On the Media (August 28, 2019) [On how the tech innovators that started our social media platforms were trained at Stanford University in the creation of addictive behaviors through their technological devices.]

Ford, Phil and J.F Martel. "On Tarkovsky's Stalker - Part One." Weird Studies #14 (May 15, 2018) ["Journey into the Zone to uncover some of the strange artifacts buried in Tarkovsky's cinematic masterpiece, Stalker (1979). In this first of a two-part conversation, Phil and JF discuss a poem by Tarkovsky's dad, compare the film with the sci-fi novel that inspired it, explore the ideological underpinnings of formulaic genre, delve into the meaning and affordances of the concept of zone, and affirm that in a sufficiently weird mindset, even a casual stroll in your hometown can become an excursion into a Zone of your own."]

---. "On Tarkovsky's Stalker - Part Two." Weird Studies #15 (May 23, 2018) ["In this second of a two-part conversation on Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 film Stalker, Phil and JF explore the film's prophetic dimension, relating it to Samuel R. Delany's classic science-fiction novel Dhalgren, the cultural revolution of the 1960s, the affordances of despair, the spookiness of color, the transformation of noise into music, and the Chernobyl disaster. They even come up with a title for a novel Robert Ludlum never wrote but should have written: The Criterion Rendition!"]

McBrayer, Mary Kay. "How Midsommar Utilizes and Subverts Horror Movie Tropes of People of Color." The Graveyard Sisters (July 16, 2019)

Morris, Errol. "The Truth About Steve Bannon." The Atlantic (August 30, 2020) ["Bannon’s favorite movie scenes offer a hint of the ideology of destruction that drives him."]

Szaniawski, Jeremi. "“How Do You Like It?” (Forty Years On) – The Shining in the Age of Global Quarantine." Senses of Cinema #95 (July 2020)

Tillet, Salamishah. "Living While Black in Lovecraft Country." The New York Times (August 7, 2020) ["Misha Green, the creator of this macabre new HBO series, discusses her obsession with horror and why its sense of dread and danger is not just an allegory."]

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