Wednesday, January 12, 2022

ENG 282: Spring 2022 Letterboxd Profiles

Exemplary Responses:

Tim Skidmore: Snowpiercer

Tim Skidmore: A Wrinkle in Time

Michael Blackburn - Jarhead: Unity, Sanity and Clarity

Michael Blackburn - Slam: A Poetic Justice

Juan Tacket - Selma

Juan Tacket - Blackkklansman: A Film Dealing with Social Issues, While also Having a Bit of Fun

Jeffrey Vaughan - The 13th: The Illumination of Black History and Life in America

Jeffrey Vaughan - The Social Dilemma: An Outsiders Perspective

Alexander Giagios - Annhilation: Consequences of Self-Destruction

Tim Skidmore: My Octopus Teacher - Emotional Ocean

Tim Skidmore: The Florida Project

Shaina Saylors: Tangerine

Michael Blackburn: Bisbee '17 - Just Short of a Documentary

Jeffrey Vaughan: The Florida Project - A Young Girl’s Journey Through a Sea of Irresponsibility

Haley Bowen: The Florida Project - The Cold Truth

Haley Bowen: Nocturnal Animals - A true Film with Meaning

Wendi Silva: The Florida Project

Tim Skidmore: Spirited Away - Animated Spirituality

Shaina Saylors: Ponyo

Jeffrey Vaughan: Princess Mononoke - The Price of Brokering Peace

Jeffrey Vaughan: Volver - Not So Secretly a Great Film

Tim Skidmore: The Grand Budapest Hotel - Color of Music

Katherine Klein: Julieta - Grief and Parallels

Katherine Klein: Fantastic Mr. Fox - Self Acceptance and Defeat

Juan Tackett: The French Dispatch - Wes Anderson, Visual Storyteller

Jeffrey Vaughan: Moonrise Kingdom - A Fantastical Journey

Haley Bowen: Jaw Dropping Behind the Scenes Look at Isle of Dogs

Juan Tackett: Oldboy - A Sick Twist on a Revenge Story

Katherine Klein: The Mother Figure in Phantom Thread

Juan Tackett: Inherent Vice

Juan Tackett: Pan’s Labyrinth a step inside the creativity of Guillermo del Toro

Haley Bowen: Crimson Peak

Letterboxd Profiles:

Alexander Giagios 9 (Pacific Rim; Magnolia; Fantastic Mr. Fox; Spirited Away; The Florida Project; Selma; Parasite; Dune; Get Out) 

Bailey Tompkins 0

Haley Bowen 10 (Crimson Peak; There Will Be Blood; Stoker; Isle of Dogs; Pain and Glory; Spirited Away; The Florida Project; Gone Girl; Arrival; Us) 

Jeffrey Vaughn  10 (Licorice Pizza; Lady Vengeance; Moonrise Kingdom; Volver; Princess Mononoke; The Florida Project; The Social Dilemma; Fight Club; The 13th; Reprise) 

Juan Tackett 10 (Pan's Labyrinth; Inherent Vice; Oldboy; The French Dispatch; The Florida Project; Hail Satan?; Fight Club; Selma; Snowpiercer; The Worst Person in the World)

Katherine Klein 10 (Phantom Thread; Fantastic Mr Fox; Julieta; Tangerine; Memories of Murder; Thelma; Prisoners; Arrival; Portrait of a Lady on Fire; Us) 

Michael Blackburn 10 (Pan's Labyrinth; Ponyo; The Florida Project; Bisbee '17; Fight Club; Selma; Mother; Thelma; Everything Everwhere at Once; Dune) 


Shaina Saylors 2 (Ponyo; Tangerine) 

Tim Skidmore 10 (Lady Vengeance; The Grand Budapest Hotel; Spirited Away; The Florida Project; My Octopus Teacher; The Social Network; The Revenant; A Wrinkle in Time; Snowpiercer; Louder Than Bombs) 

Wendi Silva 8 (Pan's Labyrinth; Punch Drunk Love; I'm So Excited; The Florida Project; Fight Club; Selma; Parasite; Prisoners) 

Michael Benton

Final Projects:

Alexander Giagos: EC Responses  5 (Sorry to Bother You; Nomadland; Annihilation; The Last Black Man in San Francisco; Blackkklansman) 
Haley Bowen: EC Responses 4 (Nocturnal Animals; West Side Story; Howl's Moving Castle; Get Out) 
Jeffrey Vaughan: EC Responses 3 (Portrait of a Lady on Fire; Get Out; Us) 
Juan Tackett: EC Responses 5 (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; Blackkklansman; The Power of the Dog; Coda; The Witch) 

Katherine Klein: EC Responses 4 (Blackkklansman; Promising Young Woman; Ex Machina; Everything, Everywhere, All at Once;) 
Michael Blackburn: EC Responses 5 (Uncut Gems; I Am Not Your Negro; Once Upon a Time in America; Slam; Jarhead) 
Shaina Saylors: EC Responses 
Timothy Skidmore: EC Responses 5 (Three Billboards Outside Missouri; Blade Runner 2049; The Witch; Everything Everywhere All at Once; The Northman) 
Wendi Silva: EC Responses 5 (The Power of the Dog; Everything Everywhere at Once; The Northman; Bergman Island; CODA) 

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