Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Code Unknown (France/Germany/Romania: Michael Haneke, 2000)

In that light, one could say that all your films are actually highly political. 
MICHAEL HANEKE:  That depends on how you define political - if your definition is rather broad, I'd say yes. But my films have never supported the interests of any political party, that has always bored me. Not only that, I think that's also a contradiction in terms. Whoever feels an obligation to truth can't commit themselves to a party line. A central theme in Code Inconnu is xenophobia. But that isn't a political issue, it's humanistic, a moral question, in my opinion. Xenophobia results from a mixture of stupidity and fear. The only way to counteract it is to try to enlighten people a little and, on the other hand, expose the people who want to profit from it. (Source)

Code Unknown (France/Germany/Romania: Michael Haneke, 2000: 118 mins)

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