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La Jetée (France: Chris Marker, 1962)

La Jetée (France: Chris Marker, 1962: 28 mins)

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Her Ghost. ["Her Ghost: An Homage to Chris Marker’s La Jetée is an on-going collaborative film-sound performance project between DJ and sound designer Kode9 (Steve Goodman, UK), MFO (visual artist Marcel Weber) (DE), researcher/lecturer/performer, Ms.Haptic (Jessica Edwards, UK) and Lucy Benson (AU), that significantly re-works, both aurally and visually, Marker’s science fiction film-photo-essay original (1962). 50 years from the premiere of Chris Marker’s science fiction anomaly, Her Ghost refracts the original script, so that it now sheds light onto the previously obscured figure of the woman. Drawing from the stills, narrative and soundscape of the original film, Her Ghost suggestively recasts, further complicates and asks difficult questions of its ‘parent’. It is performed live, but off-stage, amidst its audience. Each iteration of the project produces a fractionally different mutation of the film. Her Ghost was originally commissioned by Unsound Festival and first performed in Krakow, Poland in November 2011." -- also, Lucy Benson's page for Her Ghost]

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La jetée (1962) Chris Marker EXC from El Wrongo on Vimeo.

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