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Dialogic Cinephilia - August 11, 2019

Benton, Michael. Recommended Films of 2017 Letterboxd (Ongoing Archive)

Bursztynski, Maurice and Heather Drain. "The Kinks' Lola Versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round, Part One." Love That Album (May 23, 2019) ["Of course, being the gabblers that we are, many other Kinky related topics get discussed. Bans from touring in America, Ray Davies as documenter of British life, sarcasm vs heart-on-the-sleeve, musicianship, the music business, environmentalism, a sweet love song with a Kinks’ twist and the most singalong coda since hey Jude…it’s all there. We even find tenuous links to our beloved Tubes."]

"Busted: America's Poverty Myths." On the Media (5 part series: September 28 - October 28, 2016) ["On the Media’s series on poverty is grounded in the Talmudic notion that 'We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.' Brooke Gladstone traveled to Ohio to learn from people living the varied reality of poverty today, and to unpack the myths that shape our private presumptions as well as our policy decisions. In each episode, we feature the voices and complex stories of individuals, as well essential context from scholars, to lay open the tales we tell ourselves."]

Hollowell, Jenny. "The End of the End: An Evolution of Faith, in Five Films." Bright Wall/Dark Room #9 (March 29, 2016)

Flanagan, Ben. "The Plagiarists." Dirty Movies (February 9, 2019)

La jetée (1962) Chris Marker EXC from El Wrongo on Vimeo.

La Jetée (France: Chris Marker, 1962) Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

Turner, Kyle, et al. "50+ Queer Writers, 50+ Favorite Queer Films." Paste (June 26, 2019)

MB -- The disaffected young lovers that become outlaws on the road after an injustice and pursued by legitimate/illegitimate (and often murderous) authorities and receiving support from their community, seems to be getting a fresh spin for our times (Trump'merica). By the way, Kentucky seems to feature heavily in this film :) Saw this before Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

MB -- I liked it, despite the fact that the couple next to me wanted to talk, continuously, throughout the film. It seemed to be a crowd pleaser. It kept the tone (and violence level) I would imagine the young adult book had? So it is definitely safe to bring youngsters (PG13 - unlike the poor children I saw traumatized at the opening night of Pan's Labyrinth). I would assume a love for the book would increase one's enjoyment of the film. The two young women on the other side of me (probably college age?) were clearly thrilled and frightened .

MB -- Start to finish a great interview and opportunity for Mr Sanders to discuss his position. They start with a critique of the reality show debates, the lobbying power of organizations/corporations (pharmaceutical industry), healthcare myths, the need to raise the minimum wage, crushing student debt, gun violence in America, etc....

I've been really perplexed the past decade in regards to why reactionary, so-called progressive/liberal democrats, try to do the work of republicans and knee-jerk dismiss any actual discussion/proposal of real changes in our system to help out Americans beyond the most wealthy (the "unelectable" claim is one example, but also the policing of debates/discussions). Take some time and take a listen.

A nod to Joe Rogan who has been providing a platform for actual, in-depth discussions from candidates running for the nomination.

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