Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dialogic Cinephilia - August 7, 2019

Ariel, Dan. "Labeling Antifa A Terrorist Group Latest Attempt To Usher In Fascism." It's Going Down (July 24, 2019) ["... addresses a recent attempt by a few GOP politicians to label “antifa” as a domestic terrorist organization." Michael Benton: Not only are republicans providing cover for the violent actions of white supremacist/nationalist groups, they are also trying to label as terrorists & criminalize the people, like those involved in the antifa movement (we have Mark Bray's history of the antifa movement in BCTC's library), that defend communities targeted for violence by white supremacist hate groups. Ask yourself how many people have been killed by people operating in antifa movement activities? None that I can find (which in the massive propaganda campaign seeking to demonize them you would think that there would be some claims along those lines) How many people have been killed by those espousing white supremacist/nationalist ideologies in the 21st Century? Let's make it easy, how many have they killed in the last week? Why is the former attacked/condemned/demonized by our politicians (including Democrats) and why are the violence/hatred of the latter protected/minimalized by Republicans. Amy Goodman yesterday reported: "Last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that crime driven by racism and white supremacy is on the rise compared to the previous year and that his agency recorded around a hundred arrests for domestic terrorism in the past nine months." Christopher Wray stated: "A majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we have investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence." Also, former FBI supervisor Dave Gomez told The Washington Post, quote, “There’s some reluctance among agents to bring forth an investigation that targets what the president perceives as his base. It’s a no-win situation for the FBI agent or supervisor,” he said.]

Blanco, César and Fernando Garcia. "El Paso Shooting Probed as Domestic Terrorism After Anti-Immigrant Gunman Kills 22 People." Democracy Now (August 5, 2019) ["Over the span of 13 hours, the United States was shaken by two mass shootings. Saturday morning, a heavily armed gunman opened fire inside a crowded Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing 22 people, including a number of Mexican nationals. Federal authorities are treating the El Paso attack as an act of domestic terrorism. The suspected gunman has been identified as a 21-year-old white man named Patrick Crusius, who lived 600 miles away in a suburb of Dallas. Shortly before the attack in El Paso, the gunman posted an anti-immigrant manifesto on the far-right message board 8chan. Some of the language in the manifesto echoed remarks by President Trump, including his use of the word “invasion” to describe immigrants crossing the southern border. We speak with César Blanco, Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives, and Fernando Garcia, founding director of the Border Network for Human Rights in El Paso."]

Cassidy, Brendan and J.D. Duran. "If Beale Street Could Talk / Vice / Top 3 Comedic Scenes of 2018." InSession Film #306 (March 20, 2019)

Even the Rain (Spain/Mexico/France: Icíar Bollaín, 2010) Dialogic Cinephilia (Ongoing Archive)

German, Mike. "Ex-FBI Agent Speaks Out: Federal Authorities Have Downplayed White Supremacist Violence for Too Long." Democracy Now (August 5, 2019) ["According to The New York Times, white extremist shooters have now killed at least 63 people in the United States over the past 18 months. Late last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that crime driven by racism and white supremacy was on the rise compared to the past nine months. But former FBI agents say there is reluctance within the agency to tackle white nationalist violence in part due to President Trump’s rhetoric. We speak with Mike German, fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law. From 1988 to 2004, German served as an FBI agent specializing in domestic counterterrorism."]

Hinojosa, Maria. "A Conversation with Pete Buttigieg."  Latino USA (July 26, 2019)

Kim, Kristen Yoonsoo. "Juleen Compton: Stranded by Film History." Metrograph (June 19, 2019)

Morrison, Toni and Cornel West. "A Historic Discussion on the State of the World, the 50th Anniversary of the Brown Decision and Condoleezza Rice." Democracy Now (May 28, 2004) ["Today, we spend the hour with two of the leading African-American thinkers of our time — Cornel West and Toni Morrison — in a public talk hosted by The Nation Institute. Cornel West has been described as one of America’s most vital and eloquent public intellectuals. A professor of religion and African-American studies at Princeton University, West is a critic of culture, an advocate of social justice and an analyst of postmodern art and philosophy. He has written and co-authored numerous books on philosophy, race and sociology and also produced a hip-hop CD entitled “Sketches of My Culture.” Toni Morrison is one the most prolific American writers of our time. She made her debut as a novelist in 1970, soon gaining attention for her poetically charged and richly expressive depictions of Black America. She has been awarded a number of literary distinctions and in 1993 became the first African-American woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature."]

Pinkerton, Nick, Nicolas Rapold and Madeline Whittle. "High Life and Beyond." Film Comment Podcast (March 20, 2019) ["With a cast featuring Film Comment cover subject Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche as members of a group of death-row convicts trapped on an experimental, interstellar journey, High Life tells a story of intimacy, isolation, and taboo. Though it touches on themes of family and group identity that may be familiar to fans of Denis, the film’s setting and nods to science fiction make it a both a continuation and a complication of many of the ideas, feelings, and sensations that she’s explored before. For the occasion, Film Comment Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Rapold welcomed FC contributing writer Nick Pinkerton (author of the March-April issue’s High Life cover story) and Madeline Whittle of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, to discuss both High Life and one other Denis film chosen by each guest."]

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